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Myths About Democrats: Debunked by a Former Republican

Some of you have heard my story of being one of the first former Trump supporters to denounce Trump after a life-changing dialogue. It took changing my worldview on liberal values, Democratic officials and marginalized people before seeing the con

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This Patriot Calls for Trump’s Resignation

Just when you think there is a bottom with this president, Trump does something to show that for him, no bottom exists. The Atlantic story made clear just how much Trump disrespects


Citizenship — A Work in Progress

By Eduard Marmet –, CC BY-SA 3.0, It was opening day for the Boston Red Sox. We stood, a group of young girls, in formation on the field, Fenway’s famed


“One Nation, Under …” Duress

In the early morning hours of Independence Day 2020, I’ll be standing there, Old Glory in hand, wondering not which way is up, but how and when up became down. The Flag


‪No War With Iran

I’m going to tell you what it’s like when you have a loved one and immediate family member who’s serving in a combat zone away from you.