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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! Let me say a word about writing.

This is not the Publisher’s Note that I had planned on sharing this morning. Instead, I wanted to unpack a comment on the site yesterday about “the media is lying.”

But, I didn’t. Why? Because I wound up in the thicket. Let me explain.

For me, writing is a process of staying on the path – an internal path. It’s the path of “this is working, this fits together.”

Sometimes, I get off the path for a few steps. Usually, when I do, I sense it fairly quickly, and can get back to it easily.

But sometimes, I decide to press on, hoping I can find the path again. On occasion, I do get back to the path, and the pressing on was worth it.

Other times, though, the more I press on, the deeper and deeper I get into an impenetrable thicket, surrounded and trapped by the words I’ve written.

In those cases, the only solution is to set fire to the thicket. In other words, to just stop writing and delete the work to that point. That’s what happened this morning.

Perhaps, on another day, I’ll be able to start down that path again. Or maybe not. But not today.

This is already too long, so let me just thank you for indulging me as I share this with you. I’ll try to get back to the path tomorrow. 🙂

Wear your mask, wash your hands, get tested. Oh, and check your voter registration (, and order your absentee ballot if you’re going to vote absentee.

We will get through this, including the election, together.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

9/14 update — Detailed guidance for schools to consider throughout the pandemic; up to them to follow it

Kentucky’s school officials got Monday what they’d long been asking for: a plan that helps them decide whether to open their schools, based on a dashboard of data that will be regularly updated. (Forward Kentucky)

Employee with COVID shuts down Fayette election office

The Fayette County Clerk’s Elections Department had to temporarily shut down during a busy time due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19. (Forward Kentucky)

New super PAC plans to boost Kentucky legislative candidates supporting ‘school choice’

A new federal super PAC created this week plans to boost candidates for the Kentucky General Assembly this fall who support school choice and education savings accounts to be used for non-public K-12 schooling. Commonwealth Educational Opportunities PAC filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday, allowing it to raise unlimited contributions and make independent expenditures in support of local candidates in Kentucky. (Courier-Journal)

Louisville Catholic schools top Kentucky districts in active student COVID-19 cases

Roughly a month after resuming in-person classes, the Archdiocese of Louisville has more students with active COVID-19 cases than any of Kentucky’s school districts. Schools in the archdiocese had 80 active coronavirus cases among students as well as 13 active cases among staff, according to Friday data from the Kentucky Department for Public Health. (Courier-Journal)

Preparing for the worst, health agencies mount unprecedented flu shot drives

If the United States has even a typical flu season that collides with a COVID-19 flare, the resulting public health nightmare could swamp the nation’s already strained health system.

This year’s flu season could be milder than usual because of social distancing. And more Americans could decide to get a flu shot because of heightened health awareness spurred by the novel coronavirus. But it’s also possible that fewer people will be willing to go into a public setting to get a shot and that flu season will come roaring in by late October. (Stateline)

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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Fact Check — Misinterpreted New York Times report leads to false claim that the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is inflated by up to 90% – A New York Times report has been misinterpreted and falsely reported more than a million times on social media. Here’s a fact check showing what it actually said. (Fact Check)

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