Recall Organizers Intensify Attacks on Gov. Whitmer

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Friends – Right-wing activists just received a massive boost to their scheme to recall Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

In breaking news, Michigan election officials approved right-wing petitions to recall Gov. Whitmer – officially starting the clock on a scheme to recall a popular, sitting Democratic governor and replace her with a Trump-loving Republican.

Organizers say they’ll spend $8 MILLION to force their right-wing scheme onto the ballot. And with signature collection beginning soon, we CANNOT give power grabs like these recalls any chance to get ahead.

An attack on one Democrat is an attack on Democrats EVERYWHERE. Please rush a donation now to help DEFEAT the state Republicans who support these right-wing power grabs everywhere >>

Even though an overwhelming majority of Michigan residents support Gov. Whitmer’s leadership amidst the pandemic, Republicans are using these recalls to grab power back for themselves.

For months, GOP legislators have moved to strip Gov. Whitmer of her emergency powers – and with this blatantly partisan recall kicking into high gear, right-wing conspirators are hell-bent on ousting the popular Democratic governor.

This multi-front attack on Gov. Whitmer is serious – and if we don’t act immediately, Republicans WILL get the upper hand.

We need to send a clear signal that Republicans will pay for trying to nullify the last election. Please rush a donation to DEFEAT right-wing lawmakers and elect state Democrats now >>



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