Patriots: Meet Arizona LD-17 Candidates Pawlik and Kurdoglu

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We’re patriots. We love our country and strive to build upon our ancestors’ sacrifices and hard work to create a better world for future generations. We believe in a world where fair wages, access to healthcare, national security, and safe communities prevail for all Americans. Today we face power-hungry opponents who repeatedly sacrifice our national security, environment, and health to serve their vested interests. What’s worse, they don’t miss an opportunity to turn us against each other in their quest for more power and wealth. That’s one reason we are working so hard to win state-level races, for the states are where change begins. Arizona is a super state, one that we can flip from red to blue, and we’re excited to support two Arizona Democrats, A.J. Kurdoglu and Jennifer Pawlik. A.J. is running for the state senate, and Jennifer’s up for re-election to the state house. When Jennifer and A.J. win and Arizona flips, then Arizona can take direct action against gun violence, invest in public education, protect people’s access to health care, and improve everyone’s lives. Join us this Thursday, Sept 3rd, at 5 PM PT to meet A.J Kurdoglu and Jennifer Pawlik. We are raising money for them and, yes, we’ll be asking you to donate (our core leadership and supporters donated $10,000 to get things rolling and our goal is to more than double that by September 23rd!) This event is open to everyone. Please RSVP now to meet A.J and Jennifer and to find out how you can help empower people who will act on behalf of all Americans, not just a wealthy few.

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