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Now that the first night of the Democratic National Convention is in the books, it’s clear that these elections are heating up quickly.

With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris leading way, Democratic candidates at all levels of the ballot are working furiously to persuade Americans to vote blue in November. Together, their races will determine whether millions of Americans can afford health care, have their voting rights protected, enjoy fairly drawn district maps, and more.

Because so much is on the line this fall, Democratic candidates need to hear how the convention is changing hearts and minds across the nation.

Who are you voting for in November?

Q1: If the election were held today, which candidates would you vote for?
 -Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (D)
 -Donald Trump and Mike Pence (R)

The race till November 3rd is on: With the Democratic National Convention this week and the Republican National Convention next week, the general election is officially upon us.

In less than 80 days, the most important elections in our lifetimes will take place, s. LU. We need to know how Democratic supporters like you are viewing the state of the race.

Your support could make all the difference. Fill our quick General Election Tracking Poll and make your voice heard >>



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