Another Top Republican Hits the Panic Button

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Friends – A few days ago, Ted Cruz sounded the alarm in a speech to his state party’s convention, warning that “if the Democrats win Texas, it’s all over.”

He’s not the only one panicking. Barely 24 hours ago, another prominent Republican – Marco Rubio – issued an even more dire warning, telling dozens of right-wing donors that “a staggering 6 states won by President Trump [are] at risk of being FLIPPED by Democrats in November.”

Flipping major redistricting battlegrounds like Texas and Florida would turn a Biden victory this fall into a historic landslide for Democrats up and down the ballot, impacting elections for an entire DECADE to come.

That’s why Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and top GOP strategists like Karl Rove are all so TERRIFIED about this election, Gary: This is our chance to undo years of gerrymandered maps and right-wing voting laws that Republicans depend on to maintain power – and we MUST seize this moment, while we have the chance.

Let’s make this count. Pitch in now to deliver a LANDSLIDE Democratic victory in states across the nation >>

Rubio’s panicked warning isn’t all good news for Democrats.

He made those remarks as part of a fundraising push for an obscure, Koch-funded entity that recently appointed an anti-mask activist as its new co-chair (even as the global health crisis spirals out of control in Rubio’s home state).

Together, they’ve announced plans to raise and spend a record $125 million to keep key battlegrounds like Texas and Florida in GOP hands.

This group’s race-baiting ads are ALREADY airing in swing districts as these campaigns heat up, and it’s critical that our grassroots supporters step up to respond NOW – while there’s still time to mount a defense.

If we rise to this challenge, SIX Trump-won states could be ours for the taking: Chip in today to take down GOP legislators and make Marco Rubio’s nightmare warning come true >>



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