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As Speaker of the PA House of Representatives, Republican Mike Turzai tried to pass a 6-week abortion ban, calling pro-choice activists a “Nazi regime.” He said there was “no such thing as a partisan gerrymander.”

Now, Turzai’s retired, and we’re helping Democrat Emily Skopov flip his seat.

Today, we’re highlighting Emily and 4 other Western PA Democratic women as we work to flip the PA General Assembly. 

Democrats nationwide are targeting the PA House and Senate to stop another Republican gerrymander.

If you donate to their campaigns this week, 50% of your donation will be matched! Chip in $10, $20, or more to help them win.

Meet the 5 women we’re highlighting today:

State Sen. Pam Iovino (PA-SD37) is a Navy veteran. In 2019, she flipped a State Senate district that Trump won by 6 points in a closely watched special election, and now she’s running for her first full term.

Emily Skopov (PA-HD28) founded “No Crayon Left Behind”, which has delivered over 1.5 million crayons and other school supplies to low-income schools in Pittsburgh and around the world.

Lissa Geiger Shulman (PA-HD30) served as a public school teacher and now advocates for early childhood education. Her opponent co-sponsored a bill to use tax credits to subsidize private schools.

Michele Knoll (PA-HD44) has served as an elementary school teacher, preschool teacher and director and most recently, as a developmental specialist, working with young children to help them meet developmental milestones.

Julie Slomski (PA-SD49) is a lifelong Erie resident that served as Northwest Regional Director for Gov. Tom Wolf.

If you donate to their campaigns this week, 50% of your donation will be matched! Chip in $10, $20, or more to help them win!

Let’s win!
— Turn PA Blue

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Turn PA Blue is committed to harnessing the power and energy of committed volunteers to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. The grassroots energy enhanced by Turn PA Blue has the ability to drive turnout and energy upward to help Democrats running across the state at all levels. Our goal is also to integrate the inclusion of new voices into the Democratic Party on all levels, with particular emphasis on strengthening the local parties whose infrastructure is vital to the growth and efficacy of the Democratic Party will also serve to “build our bench” for future candidate recruitment.

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