Withholding your vote is NOT being neutral.

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For people questioning whether they want to support Biden, withholding a vote is not being neutral. The decision not to act is a very strong action. Since Biden would not only be president but appoint an entire administration:

1. Do you support unions?
Republicans and Trump do not hide their hatred for unions. A recent Fox News headline read, “What’s in Democrat’s coronavirus bill: arts funding, union help and more.” The only reason any worker protections at all were included in the CARES and HEROES acts was the work of the Democrats in the House. Do you want unions to be able to fight for real living wages, protections for union organizers, strong employee benefits within a Biden administration, or do you want them to fight for the right to even exist in a Trump administration?

2. Do you think people should be kicked out of public housing if any one member of that family is undocumented?
Ben Carson, Trump’s HUD secretary, not only believes that: he’s acting on it. Millions of families could be homeless. Do you want another administration where Ben Carson is in control of housing, or would you like to see a different HUD Secretary under a Biden Administration?

3. Do you support the LGBTQ community?
 As Pro Publica said, “Under Trump, LGBTQ progress is being reversed in plain sight.“ Furthermore, The Trump Administration is attempting to wipe out our trans brothers and sisters very existence. Do you want the LGBTQ community to be able to fight to increase its rights under a Biden Administration, or do you want every progress they’ve made to continue to be reversed under a Trump Administration?

4. Would you like women to have control over their own bodies?
The next president will probably replace both RBG and Breyer on the Supreme Court. Those justices will be intrinsic parts in the upcoming battle to overturn Roe V Wade and criminalize women’s ability to decide their future. Do you support women dying with illegal abortions under the next Trump Administration, or do you support an administration that embraces women’s autonomy under a Biden Administration?

5. Do you support ending Citizens United? 
Because that might come before the next court as well. Trump Administration appointed justices will never overturn the decision; Biden appointed justices may lay the groundwork to do just that.

6. Do you want to fight to protect this planet in an equitable way that supports all of her creatures? 
AOC is helping to lead Biden‘s efforts on climate change in coalition with Bernie Sanders. The Trump Administration refuses to believe climate change is real, and is actively moving forward with undoing existing environmental protections, expanding mining and taking away protected parks. Would you prefer the window closing *forever* in our ability to act soon enough on this crisis under a Trump administration, or the chance with AOC to fight for the Green New Deal under a Biden administration?

7. Do you think white supremacists belong in the White House and the White House Administration? 
If so, please don’t vote for Biden, because you will get your wish.
Remember, your vote is not only for one individual, it is for an entire administration and the ramifications of how that administration will act.

If you support any of the above groups I have mentioned, please make your action a positive vote for Biden – and with him, an entire cabinet, including the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General.–

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Sarah is the National Outreach Director, Field Team 6

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