Trump Sabotages Vote-by-Mail

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Trump just said the quiet part out loud.

In a recent interview with Politico, Trump revealed his multimillion-dollar legal effort to strike down vote-by-mail availability – declaring those ballots his “biggest risk” for losing reelection.

In fact, even as election experts project record-high vote-by-mail ballots this election, Trump is scaling up attacks on its largest facilitator: The U.S. Postal Service.

This is simply outrageous. The US Postal Service is warning that it could shut down in September without rescue funding – just weeks before the election. And instead of funding the agency, Trump is purposefully sabotaging it to try to win re-election.

We CANNOT let Trump destroy the people’s postal service. Quickly Gary & Norma, add your name to denounce Trump’s latest attacks and DEMAND Republicans fully-fund the USPS >>


Trump is launching this push right before he and thousands of his GOP allies are back on the ballot.

Already, Trump’s campaign is bankrolling lawsuits to stop vote-by-mail in key battleground states. He’s threatened to veto emergency funding for the people’s postal service, and he’s even installed a loyal GOP donor and ally as Postmaster General – to weaken the agency from the inside.

Trump is hoping a broken postal service will swing the election in his favor. Gary & Norma, we must make it clear that if the USPS goes down on Trump’s watch, Republicans will pay the price at the ballot box.

Can you sign on to our petition demanding Trump and Republicans fund the people’s postal service? >>

Thank you,


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