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Newsletter #252. Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Trick-Down Economics

The Republican rationale for lowering taxes on corporations and the super-rich is premised on their notion of trickle-down economics: That is, they argue, if we lower taxes and lesson regulations on corporations and the people at the top of our economy, their increased wealth will trickle-down to people on the lower rungs of society.

Trickle-down economics has proved to be GOP hocus-pocus. As Robert Reich notes in a Facebook video, Trump’s tax cutbacks for corporations resulted in both stock buybacks, which raised the cost of their stocks, and widespread employee layoffs without severance pay. Though Trump touted the higher wages his tax cuts would yield, Reich notes that the Trump tax cuts only resulted in the rich getting richer.

Trickle-down economics is truly a trick, GOP slight-of-hand, a substitute for a meaningful economic platform. For a full explanation of the long-term consequences of tax cuts for the rich, watch Reich’s video. It takes us through the tax cuts for the rich during the Ronald Reagan and the George W. Bush presidencies to Trump’s legislative triumph on behalf of corporations and the very upper classes. Yes, the rich got richer — lots richer — but wages for other Americans stagnated. Indeed, wages for the bottom ten percent fell. Nothing trickled down.

Anyway, who wants the trickle? Most of us want and deserve to partake in the deluge.

New group alert – Legislature must pass gun violence laws or we’ll go to the ballot

Learn about End Gun Violence Michigan

“From big cities like Detroit to small towns like Oxford, gun violence is tearing our communities apart. We can’t stand by anymore while more people, including our children, are killed. Our message to the legislature is simple: make change or we’ll take common-sense gun violence prevention measures to the people,” said Bishop Bonnie Perry of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, “We can have safety and a sensible gun culture in our state.” Learn more

For updates and action steps, visit Watch the full press conference from Monday below:

Press Conference 02-14-22: End Gun Violence Michigan


Thursday, February 24, Allies Coming Together film and dialogue

Join ADL for an Allies Coming Together online event with filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry to celebrate his Oscar-winning short film Hair Love. Cherry is a writer, director, producer and former NFL wide receiver. This virtual event is designed for 4th–12th graders wanting to build more inclusive space. The event will feature the viewing of Hair Love and a dialogue between students from ADL’s No Place for Hate® coalition and Cherry. No Place for Hate teaches and inspires 1.3 million students each year to fight bias, bullying and bigotry in our schools. We invite educators to register for this virtual event to broadcast in their classrooms. You and the young people in your life are also invited to join in. Closed captioning and Spanish translation will be provided. An approved No Place for Hate activity will be shared with participating schools after the event to extend and inspire more change-making. Noon.

Thursday, February 24, 4-week training program: Running for office

Join Michigan People’s Campaign, People’s Action, SEIU Healthcare of Michigan and New American Leaders for a 4-week training program to simplify the process of running for office and learn to be strategic in your campaign. Whether you’re running for office this year, in the future, or want to help local progressives in your area, the Movement Politics Academy will prepare you to create the positive changes our communities need. Click here to learn more or to apply.

Friday, February 25. Stress on the public health workforce

Watch the League of Women Voters Lunch & Learn series LIVE on Facebook or register for Zoom at Stress on the public health workforce shows no sign of decreasing as we enter the pandemic’s third year. Jimena Loveluck, MSW, became Chief Health Officer of Washtenaw County in 2019, five months before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. She has served with distinction and was named United Way Washtenaw County’s Woman of the Year for 2021. Noon–1:30 pm.

Visit the PEG website to view the comprehensive listing of Upcoming Events!

Good news

Bipartisan support for Bill to shore up the Postal Service

With bipartisan support, the House last week passed a sweeping bill to overhaul the US Postal Service. The vote was a remarkable 342–92! According to the NY Times, there is a companion bill in the Senate that was sponsored by Michigan Senator Gary Peters and has more than a dozen Republican co-sponsors.

The Postal Service Reform Act would require retired postal employees to enroll in Medicare when eligible. A previous mandate which required the USPS to cover health care costs many years in advance. CNN reports that those two measures would save the USPS nearly $50 billion over the next decade, according to the House Oversight Committee. The legislation would also require the USPS to create an online dashboard with local and national delivery time data as well as a delivery standard of at least six days a week.

Victory of Sandy Hook victims’ families

The families of nine of the victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School marked a victory Tuesday with the announcement of a $73M settlement against the gunmaker of Bushmaster AR-15 style rifle. This marks the first instance in the United States of a gun manufacturer facing liability for a mass shooting. See the video below.

Sandy Hook parent slams Remington for marketing AR-15sDavid Wheeler, father of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim Ben Wheeler, slammed Remington for marketing the “intentionally lethal” AR-15 rifle towards young men d…Read more

PEG’s Guiding Principle

We who write for the Protectors of Equality in Government (PEG) on-line newsletter turn to the self-evident truth of the Declaration of Independence: All people are created equal. Thus, we only support elected and appointed government officials, and candidates who stand for that truth.

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