The Trump Recession

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Dear friend,

This week in Georgia we saw a preview of what could happen this November if we don’t prepare for an unprecedented general election — an election conducted as we cope with a second wave of coronavirus infections, an election undermined by misinformation coming from the Oval Office, and an election that could easily see record-high turnout.

All of that could happen — but Ohio Republicans are doing little to address these realities. In fact, they’re making things worse.

Rather than passing legislation to make it safer and more convenient to vote, the Ohio House GOP instead rammed through a bill that would make it more difficult to vote by mail, as well as restricting the authority of public officials to ensure a safe election. Only at the last minute, thanks to public outcry, did even worse provisions get removed.

In contrast, Democratic legislators in the Senate and House are pushing for reforms that would make it more convenient and safe for Ohioans to cast their ballots this fall, both in person and by mail. We strongly support these proposals, including Senate Bill 323, which would stop any attempt to “consolidate” polling places, which was one of the root causes of the problems in Georgia.


Congresswoman Marcia Fudge has been a stalwart champion for voting rights, and this week she held a hearing on what happened during this year’s primary elections and how the federal government can help prepare for the 2020 general election.


We will spend the next six months doing all we can to fight for Ohioans’ right to vote.

In solidarity,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party



As Donald Trump tries to push false claims about the economy, the Ohio Democratic Party is pushing back, releasing a new video on the “Trump Recession” — which was officially declared as starting in February, but began much sooner in the Buckeye State, which lost 12,500 jobs last year.

Twitter video

“More than 1.3 million Ohioans have filed for unemployment in the last three months, and Donald Trump is desperately trying to take a victory lap,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Trump is hoping no one notices that 2019 was the worst year for jobs in Ohio since the Great Recession, and our state lost thousands of manufacturing jobs last year — long before the coronavirus crisis hit. Farmers are struggling because of Trump’s reckless trade war, and hospitals are closing as Trump continues to attack the Affordable Care Act. Time and time again, Donald Trump has broken his promises, and working Ohioans are paying the price.”

In January, Trump came to Toledo and claimed, “Ohio just had the best year economically in the history of your state.” That was a lie.

The facts are clear that Ohio’s economy has struggled ever since Trump took office.

  • Last year was Ohio’s worst year for job creation since 2009 — the height of the Great Recession.
  • From January 2019 to January 2020 — even before the coronavirus crisis hit and decimated the economy — Ohio lost 12,500 jobs, including 6,000 jobs in manufacturing.
  • Many parts of Ohio that are heavily dependent on manufacturing are struggling with job losses.
  • Chapter 12 family farm bankruptcies went up by nearly 20 percent last year, and Ohio’s farm bankruptcy filings were at a decade-high level in 2019.


Racism Is a Public Health Crisis

As protests across Ohio and the nation have made clear, we must finally take on the racism that has afflicted our nation from its founding and all of the persistent and pervasive impacts that result from structural racism. Democrats across Ohio have led the charge, leading communities to declare that racism is a public health crisis. From Congress, to the Statehouse, to large counties such as Franklin, to our cities and suburban communities, so many have stepped up to make this important statement and call for reforms that address racism.


Ohio Democrats’ executive committee was proud to have passed a resolution last weekend declaring racism a public health crisis, and we encourage communities across the state and parties across the country to do the same.


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