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#1 Today is“LOVING DAY!” 

The biggest action you can do today for racial justice is to call your senators to vote against racist judicial nominees Justin Walker and Cory Wilson getting more powerful, lifetime seats. 
Justin Walker received his cloture vote and will be on the Senate floor tomorrow (Friday) or Monday. This McConnell protege is aiming for a spot on the DC Circuit Court, the second most powerful court in the country and a natural springboard to the Supreme Court.
Please, go through your contact lists, your rolodex, whatever you have, and find all your friends, family and acquaintances in states with GOP senators. Call/email/text them to call their senators too. We just need 4 senators to cross the aisle here and keep this horror off this court.
Go here for call script and senator contact information for you AND your friends.

Online TODAY
Movement for Black Lives – online actions for Friday

New Petitions
Victoria: Please keep signing and sharing the petition for Victoria. She’s gotten a 30-day reprieve, but continued public pressure is key. Also, she and her family really appreciates the kind notes you’ve been adding with your signatures.Petition: with more actions:

United We Dream: Stop the use of hazardous chemical to “disinfect” immigrant in response to COVID-19

#BLM protests and other antiracist things to do…

(6/12 – Update) The biggest action you can do today for racial justice is to call your senators (and have your friends and family in red states to call theirs) to vote against racist judicial nominees Justin Walker and Cory Wilson getting more powerful, lifetime seats. Go here for more information and call script.

  • (6/12)  Look for “(6/12 – Update)” for newest additions. We’re putting up information on local protest actions by others we’re finding from informal sources. These listings are not endorsements nor guarantees as to time/place/type of protest or participant safety. Events can and have already been cancelled without notice.
  • Be safe: Please be prepared and peaceful: know your rights and remember there’s still a pandemic. Download the ACLU app onto your phone, bring water, hats, MASKS, hand sanitizer, etc… (Check out graphics near the bottom and Action #1 for more information.)
  • Advisory: As of June 1, 5:00 pm, there is NO emergency curfew in effect in Ventura County at this time. (Update check hereSome East County residents received a Wireless Emergency Alert from Los Angeles County officials about the emergency curfew in Los Angeles County. We have NOT enacted an emergency curfew in Ventura County.”Please be safe and informed, and do not listen to unsubstantiated rumors or false information during this time.”
  • Help us update information:  Send event information we’ve missed to with “EVENT” in the header.
  • Don’t forget. Your calls, emails and letters to legislators at ALL levels are powerful tools for change. We’ve put contact information for elected officials at the bottom of this post.


Sat 6/13: Santa Paula, March for Justice (2 pm)

Veterans Memorial Park.


Sun 6/14: Oxnard, “Freedom and Justice For All Candlelight Vigil (7-8:30 pm)


Sun 6/14: Ojai, “Freedom and Justice For All Candlelight Vigil (4 pm)


New online resources

Online African American History Class

Heather Cox Richardson – History of the Republican Party. 

Indivisible Ventura

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