Trump scales up attack on the postal service

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The Guardian: USPS is on 'the brink of crisis'

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Without emergency funding from Congress, post offices across the country could be forced to shut down right before the November elections.

Since the pandemic began, postal workers have worked tirelessly to deliver life-saving medication and packages straight to Americans’ doorsteps. And now, as election experts predict an unprecedented surge in vote-by-mail, a shuttered USPS would be catastrophic for our democracy.

Make no mistake: Vote-by-mail CANNOT operate without a functioning postal service. And as the USPS faces this existential crisis, time is running out to act.

The people’s postal service needs your help: Join the growing chorus of Americans demanding the Trump administration fully fund the USPS >>


For months, Trump has refused to give the Postal Service – an agency 91% of Americans approve of – the funds to stay afloat. And in just two days, Trump will have even more power on the agency he hopes to destroy.

This Monday, Trump’s handpicked ally Louis DeJoy will be installed as the next Postmaster General. DeJoy – a man who has proven his unwavering loyalty to Trump – will have the unmatched opportunity to destroy the USPS from the inside.

Donald Trump is moving forward with his mission to close down the people’s postal service for good. This is our final chance to send a warning to Republicans: If the postal service fails on Trump’s watch, they WILL pay.

Sign on: DEMAND Trump and right-wing Republicans fully fund the USPS immediately >>



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