Introducing the Texas LRB

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Introducing the Legislative Redistricting Board
Five partisan politicians might have full control over the state legislative redistricting process in Texas with no oversight — we want you to know their names and stories before this shadowy backroom board convenes. Our new series will dive into the political history of the people who might gerrymander maps behind closed doors.

What is the LRB?
Under Texas state law, the state’s legislative districts must be redrawn during the first legislative session, otherwise, the maps may be drawn by the Legislative Redistricting Board (LRB). Multiple scenarios can play out, but we do know this — reports predict that the potential delays in reporting census data mean the five-member Legislative Redistricting Board could be in charge of redrawing maps for the Texas House and Senate. Members include folks like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, recently famous for his callous claims that “there are more important things than living” and the indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Why does this matter?
All five members of the board are Republicans. And they don’t have a good track record with protecting voting rights. Even if we flip the Texas House, we would only have one Democratic member on the board. Additionally, we cannot count on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to ensure the maps aren’t drawn in a smoke-filled backroom by this group of map manipulators. This means they will have full control over the state legislative redistricting process right before important elections in 2022.

The rules of the Legislative Redistricting Board in Texas also prohibit the public, elected officials, and the press to observe or comment on the maps until they’re finished. This lack of public oversight enables the board to manipulate the maps with no accountability. It’s a recipe sure to result in conservative control for as long as another decade. Let that sink in — then help us fight back!

All On The Line has provided grassroots supporters on the ground — not only in Texas but also across the country — with the knowledge this movement needs to fight for fair maps ahead of the redistricting process. Our success depends on bringing light and transparency to these sorts of backroom deal-making processes. We need to reach more people and let them know that the time to fight back in states like Texas starts now.

As we ramp up our outreach efforts to prevent unaccountable, ideological partisans in states like Texas from manipulating the maps, can we count on you to chip in to help sustain our efforts for the battle ahead?

Together, we’re going to beat map manipulators and return our government to people like you, friend.

Thanks for being a part of this,
AOTL Map Watch Team

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All On The Line is the grassroots movement to restore fairness to our elections and democracy ahead of 2021 redistricting. Formerly OFA.

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