All On The Line

All On The Line is the grassroots movement to restore fairness to our elections and democracy ahead of 2021 redistricting. Formerly OFA.


The Shape of Things: GA-03

The people of Georgia deserve to have their voices heard. By drawing the maps to maintain an advantage, the state's conservative map manipulators effectively stripped their constituents of fair representation.


The Shape Of Things: TX-21

After the 2010 midterm elections, Texas politicians drowned out the will of the voters in their state as they redrew their maps.


Justice Ginsburg:

Tell the Supreme Court to protect voting rights, not suppress voter turnout » In her dissenting opinion of the eleventh-hour SCOTUS decision to upend Wisconsin’s extension for submitting absentee ballots, Justice Ruth


Court-sanctioned voter suppression

Two things happened Monday night that reversed Wisconsin Governor Evers’ attempt at a safe and fair election. The Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled the Governor’s decision to delay the election until June. And


Ten Years Ago

This crisis also lays bare a lot of truths about our economy and our society. One of them is just how critical health insurance is for every family.


Host a book club!

Our next book is "Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America" by Ari Berman. As a journalist, Ari has dedicated his career to covering voting rights.