This is NOT a Moment For Purity Tests

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Written by an Indivisible Leader in Georgia

I struggle with electoral politics anyway, but – clearly they are necessary. I am framing the work I’m beginning to do around the Biden campaign with an organizing framework. Unless we have a pitched battle in the streets and a civil war erupts, we must use the tactics available to us to build out our strategy. I tell our folks, “Do not bother falling passionately in love with politicians, just like your significant other, you may love them, but you may not always like them. They (the politicians) are a means to an end.” 

 I look to them for leadership in their realm, but we need to look for our leadership to push him in the right direction. The VP choice is also a good 75% of this. We must make sure that he chooses a woman. PERIOD. Biden is who he is. We have a pretty good idea of the kind of presidency he will have based on having Obama as an adviser. It is what pulled us out of the last recession. We also know that we “loved” Obama but he wasn’t all that and lost some battles that he should have won. We were not around to have his back for him to have the confidence to move forward – we didn’t exist the way we do today. Our role in this cannot be overstated. It is our job to use the tactics that we have to take out Trump. Bottom line. It is pretty much the only thing that matters or the 80,000+ people who just lost their lives are meaningless fodder for the news cycle. 

Lives are at stake. I used to tell my way left radical friends, fewer people die when Democrats are in power. What are you doing now to push the envelope? Nothing? Okay then. Fundamentalism is not going to help us get out of this mess. I am a survivor myself. Few women among us are not. But as I look around my state and hear the voices of Ahmaud Arbery’s community in South Georgia and the hear the voices of mothers of black and brown people in prison who are now dying of CV19 and mental health problems; as I look around and see families beginning to pile into cars and look for a safe place to stay for the night, as I fear for what will happen to my disabled transgender daughter, I have to question the absolutism of the argument that we need to parse out the fine details of a complicated situation when we know that the Russian troll machine is also at work here and truth is becoming more fluid. We cannot stress enough that sticking to a single issue will cause a deadly result. I do not get into arguments about the allegations. We are living in a nightmare. Did the resistance during the time of Hitler parse out everyone’s background before sending them on a mission to save lives? Of course they didn’t. Do we want to impede the progress of this murderer or not? I do not know why that would not be the ethical and moral imperative. 

If this article below, doesn’t chill to the bone and clarify what this fight is all about, I do not know what will. Sexual assault, racial and ethnic assault, genocide are occurring under this regime – just as we all knew in our guts would happen election night 2016. We are in a fight for our lives. We do not have much time. We can talk ourselves out of a victory, as limited as that might be, or we can go forward and hold Biden accountable when elected.


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