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To all our heroic Volunteers, Team Leaders, and Field Directors, Super crazy times call for super sane measures! Because your health and safety are our top priorities, any in-person voter drives planned for Friday, March 20 or after will be postponed until the Coronavirus shrivels up and blows away. We’ll make sure to notify everyone who has signed up.
 As far as this coming week, we’re encouraging Team Leaders to use their own discretion on whether to hold or postpone their drives. If you are planning on volunteering at a voter drive this week:

  • If you feel even slightly sick, please stay home.
  • If you are 60 or over, or in any other vulnerable population as per the CDC, please stay home.
  • Please bring a new box of pens. You will fill out the form for the voter as usual. But when it’s time for the voter to sign it, have them grab their own “voter registration pen,” sign their name and date it, and then keep the pen. You can hold the clipboard for them as they sign. No contact necessary!
  • Bring along extra hand sanitizer or wipes for yourself and voters in case you need them.

Our video trainings will continue, so that as soon as the Coronavirus subsides, we can get out there and hit the ground running.

In the meantime, the work continues. Starting next week, Field Team 6 is pivoting to new techniques that will allow us to register Democrats and save the world in a whole new way.

We will not let a little worldwide pandemic stop us!!

To paraphrase Churchill, we will fight them on the phones. We will fight them on the texts. We will fight them on the video calls. We will fight them in our living rooms, and in our kitchens, and in our hallways. We will fight them in the bathrooms and the attics and the vestibules. We will never surrender!

And when the threat does pass, and it will, we’ll be even stronger, having added a whole new set of tools to our toolbox.

Any questions or ideas? Please check our Coronavirus FAQ, and if that doesn’t answer it, contact us at

Tune in next week for more on our path forward! In Solidarity,
Jason Berlin Executive Director

District-flipping Rep. Abigail Spanberger with activist Jim Shelton.

Volunteer Hero of the Week

31st Street Swing Left super volunteer and Field Team 6 hero Jim Shelton reported in after his first experience registering voters in North Carolina. “Using your technique and even some of your exact wording I registered 18 Dems in 3 hours.” Those numbers are truly insane–especially for your first time. If you keep that pace going, you’re going to flip North Carolina yourself. GO JIM!


Can’t work in the field? You can still help! If you’re computer literate and have 5 or more hours a week, you can play a vital role for Field Team 6!  We especially need people with experience in writing, social media, email, internet research, and data handling. Please contact us here.


Every voter drive starts with a quick training—no experience necessary! To find drives closest to you, enter your zip code HERE. (If there’s no drive in your target area this week, host your ownContact us for help.)


Arizona – California – Colorado – Florida  – Maine – Michigan – North Carolina – Pennsylvania – Texas

(Courtesy of—thank you!)

Phoenix AreaTucson Area

CA01 – Chico – BOOT LaMalfa (R)
CA08 – Victorville – ELECT Chris Bubser (D)
CA10 – Modesto – PROTECT Harder (D)
CA21 – Bakersfield – PROTECT Cox (D)
CA22 – Fresno – BOOT Nunes (R)
CA25 – Lancaster – ELECT Smith (D)
CA39 – Fullerton – PROTECT Cisneros (D)
CA42 – Corona – ELECT O’Mara (D)
CA45 – Irvine – PROTECT Porter (D)
CA48 – Costa Mesa – PROTECT Rouda (D)
CA49 – San Clemente – PROTECT Levin (D)
CA50 – San Marcos – ELECT Ammar Campa-Najjar (D) 

COLORADO:  Denver Area

FLORIDA:  Port St. Lucie Area

GEORGIA:  Voter drives coming soon!

MAINE:  Portland Area

MICHIGAN:  Detroit Area

N. CAROLINA:  Charlotte Area

PENNSYLVANIA:  Philadelphia Area

TEXAS:  Austin Area

Learn to register Democrats the Field Team 6 way! Everything you need to get out there and register Demcorats where it matters most!

ARIZONA – Thu 3/19, 7-8p Mountain – RSVP

CALIFORNIA – Mon 3/30, 7-8p Pacific – RSVP

COLORADO – Tue 3/17, 7-8p Mountain – RSVP

FLORIDA – Mon 3/23, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

GEORGIA – Wed 4/1, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

IOWA – Thu 3/26, 7-8p Central – RSVP

MAINE – Tue 3/31, 7-8p Eastern –  RSVP

MICHIGAN – Mon 3/30, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

NORTH CAROLINA – Thu 3/12, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

PENNSYLVANIA – Wed 3/18, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

WISCONSIN – Mon 3/16, 7-8p Central – RSVP

LEARN TO LEAD YOUR OWN VOTER DRIVE – THIS is the only way Field Team 6 grows! It can be as simple as you and a friend going to a college for 3 hours! And we’re here to help every step of the way.

Sat 3/28, 10-11:30a Pacific / 1-2:30p Eastern – RSVP

Help Us Grow!
“Change happens at the speed of trust.” -Organizer Saying

Organizing is based on relationships. If you know an activist in MICHIGAN or FLORIDA… CONTACT US! 

All it takes is one brave soul to start a new Field Team 6 chapter!


Our fantastic partners at the Grassroots Democratic HQ can help you call from home for crucial races in Arizona and other key states!

Contact voters in Arizona & other states with our allies at the Grassroots Democratic HQ, the Westside Democratic HQ, & Civic Sundays!

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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