New Report: Republican Tax Bill is a Boon for Billionaires and Big Corporations, leaved Working Mainers Behind

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The Report Details How The Tax Bill Benefits Maine’s One Percent, While Low-Income Mainers Are Facing Greater Hardship

Portland, MAINE – Today, 16 Counties Coalition released our latest report explaining how the Republican tax bill is affecting Mainers.  The report details how the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), for which Senator Susan Collins provided the deciding vote, has provided billions in benefits for wealthy individuals and big corporations, while failing to improve the economic situation of everyday Mainers.

“Susan Collins loves to tout her small-town roots and reputation with working Mainers. But as this report shows, her votes for policies like the TCJA show that she’s more focused on the needs of wealthy individuals and the big corporations than those of working Mainers, who are struggling harder than ever,” said Willy Ritch, executive director of 16 Counties Coalition. “We need to hold Senator Collins accountable for her policies that benefit special interest donors, not the Mainers she was elected to represent and who continue to struggle.” 

The report discusses how right now, the Maine economy is working extraordinarily well for the wealthiest households, while ordinary Mainers struggle to get by. The 2017 Republican tax bill gave the top one percent of wealthy Mainers a tax cut of approximately $30,000 per household, while the lowest-earning 20 percent of Mainers, with average annual incomes of approximately $21,000, either didn’t benefit from a tax break or ended up paying more. 

 While the tax cuts allow the rich to get richer, the cost of living has risen out of reach for many low-income families. Mainers desperately need help, but instead of helping them, the Republicans and Senator Collins continue to vote for policies that hurt working families, and give a massive handout to the richest Americans.

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The 16 Counties Coalition is a year-long grassroots advocacy campaign aimed at amplifying the voices of families and working Mainers and encouraging Senator Susan Collins to vote in favor of the people she was elected to represent and defend. The campaign will mobilize members through small- and large-scale events, through digital action, and paid television, radio, and digital ads.

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