Be 1 of the 500: Submit testimony in support of Wabanaki sovereignty!

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On Tuesday, February 15 at 9 AM, Maine legislators will hold a public hearing on LD 1626, the bill to restore the Wabanaki tribes’ inherent rights to self-govern. The Wabanaki are the original people of this place. There is no better way to protect tribal lands and waters than to restore tribal sovereignty. And the path to doing that is through LD 1626.

The Wabanaki Alliance has set a goal of 500 written testimonies in support of the bill to demonstrate to legislators that people across Maine support tribal sovereignty and want to see LD 1626 become law. Will you be one of the 500?

  • Step 1: Submit written testimony. 
    Check out the Wabanaki Alliance’s Testimony Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to submit your testimony online and links to details about the bill, including a FAQ and Talking Points. Please submit your testimony before Feb. 15.
  • Step 2: Send your testimony to your legislators.
    Now that you’ve written it, send your written testimony to your legislators. Find them and their contact info in the Maine Voter Lookup. Enter your address and select the “Elected Officials” tab.

Passing this bill will help the Wabanaki tribes access federal opportunities to expand environmental protections, increase access to health care, respond to natural disasters, foster job creation and economic development, protect safe drinking water, and much more. 

Suit Up Maine is part of a coalition led by the Wabanaki Alliance and stands with the Wabanaki people in support of tribal self-determination and in support of this legislation. To move this bill forward, the Wabanaki alliance is calling on allies to step up. And we need your help. #StandWithWabanaki and submit your testimony today. 

In solidarity,
The Suit Up Maine Admin Team

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