We Can’t Allow Ourselves to Get Exhausted or Discouraged

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The following was originally a Twitter thread. It has been adapted and re-posted with permission.

Welcome to my TED talk. 😎

Many of us worked our buns off to elect Democrats in 2018 to the House so that they would hold Donald Trump accountable. Today, that is happening.

However, before we can even take a breath, we are assaulted by the continuing stream of lies and misconduct by Trump, his sycophants, the Attorney General, the House GOP… To be in the midst of so much lying is truly painful. To hear Barr spew total propaganda on MSNBC, undeterred & unchallenged is a shock.

I want to acknowledge a few things here:

  1. This is REALLY hard.
  2. Please don’t get into fights. The bots are out, and their goal is to divide us. One of them even called me a “diva” today. (How dare they 😱.) Do not let them.
  3. Do something joyful today. Seriously. Nourish your soul.
  4. REMEMBER that we have power, working together.
  5. Re-commit to registering voters.
  6. REMEMBER that action is the antidote to despair. Write postcards for voters. Call your Member of Congress. Sign up to work for a campaign.

I still believe everything I wrote in the below article, so here you go for more. The main thing: feed your soul, be kind to others, laugh, work together, we can do this. ♥

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Rabbi Jill Berkson Zimmerman leads Path With Heart and Hineni, a spiritual mindfulness community that meets online. She is committed to justice and sharing wisdom that makes a difference in people’s lives. She can be found at ravjill.com.

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