Volunteer canvasser standing in front of wall, talking about experience with deep canvassing.

Learn How Changing the Conversation Together Persuades Swing Voters

Interested in learning more about how @CTCTogether persuades swing voters? Check out our volunteer Sarah’s recent experience connecting with a voter: She connected based on a shared experience, & it ended up working!

Sarah shares a very personal story and doesn’t know what will happen, but with a surprising amount in common, Sarah began to form a new connection with this voter!

Finding common ground in their shared family experiences with cancer, they began to talk about the political aspect of health, and how the 2020 election will affect each of them, their friends & loved ones.

The real lived experience and vulnerability of facing cancer led to a conversation abt. presidential politics & a shared belief: our #POTUS should have a moral compass. Sarah & Olga connected on a level neither of them expected, & Olga decided to vote for the Dem in 2020!

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