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Veterans Day

Last Week in DemCast November 8-14

We told you a week ago that we were going to try and catch up on our sleep, and we made a good start, but the world kept turning and DemCast’s writers had a lot to say. Of course we

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The Week That Was

This week’s images are by @joanneTrueBlue. Her graphics depict the compelling news stories from the past week. Enjoy them, and as always, stay healthy and stay safe.


Veterans Deserve Better

Veterans deserve better Why do Republicans who claim to care for veterans, block $5 billion allocated for the VA and veterans’ care? Deny veterans their right to vote? This Veteran’s Day check


JFK’s Last Words

In what some deem “JFK’s last words,” former President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, penned these words for a speech he planned to give at a banquet in Austin, Texas on the evening of


Support Veterans All Year Long

A public servant supports veterans all year long. A politician votes against these programs, but then thanks veterans on Veterans Day.