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Rogan’s List for 05/04/2020

Commenting is the way to show government agencies how we feel about these proposed changes. Our comments also become part of a record that will be reviewed by courts if and when a reg change is contested. Courts use comments

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Lots of Actions To Keep Warm

The Westchester County Police Reform & Reimagining Task Force is looking for public comment regarding its recently released report. Download and read it here. Submit comments: Watch the public comment session stream live here on March 10th. The


Indivisible Georgia Coalition Alerts

Saturday Civics: Another Kind of Impact FEBRUARY 6, 2021~ INDIVISIBLEGACOALITION Much of our time has been spent calling your attention to federal and state issues but local entities are equally important. Decisions that


Call to Action — Immediate Action Request

Prescott Indivisible is a non-partisan community which seeks to promote a progressive and inclusive agenda in support of human rights and the environment. INFORM  CONNECT  INSPIRE  RESIST Immediate Action Needed!!Prescott City Council toSelect 5

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