URGENT – 2 Calls for Action – The Dells and a Mask Mandate. Latest Biden stats included.

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Two Important Calls for Action!

1.  The public comment period for the Arizona Eco Development (AED) annexation officially ends on Sat. Nov. 14, with the final weekday being Friday, Nov. 13. Comments must be emailed by 11/13 to: AEDSouth@prescott-az.gov

As of Tuesday, Nov. 10, Prescott Community Development Director Bryn Stotler reported that the city had received 135 comments. That is not enough!!! It is urgent to get your comments in tomorrow if at all possible.
     The City Council has a workshop meeting planned for 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17, to hear a presentation on the public comments that were received. (For more details, see the front page article in the Daily Courier, 11/12/20  – Public comment for GraniteDells-area annexation ends Nov. 14).
     Meanwhile, the city continues to wait for word from developer Jason Gisi on the draft development agreement that will set out many of the details of the project.
Although a detailed analysis is still underway, Stotler said the majority of comments have related to five topics, including:
• Preserving natural open space.
• Preservation of the archaeological ruins.
• SPC (Specially Planned Community) zoning for the hotel site.
• Protecting wildlife and wildlife corridors.
• Trail corridor aesthetics.
Reference – The Courier, “Public comment for Grante Dells-area annexation ends Nov. 14”, dated 11/12/20.

More information on the issues, see Save the Dells October Newsletter.
To learn more please visit https://www.savethedells.org/ or go to: https://www.facebook.com/SaveTheDells

2. Encourage the Mayor, City Manager, Attorney and Council Members (see below) of Prescott and the Prescott Valley Mayor and Council members that that they have a public responsibility to protect their citizens from Covid-19. Leadership is not an easy thing and asking for mask compliance is not enough – we need an unilateral face covering requirement.

The editorial in today’s Daily Courier, “When a life is at risk people do amazing things; why not this?” outlined all the reasons why masks should be mandatory. Most of the editorial is included below and can be used as the basis for your letter. In one week there have been 292 reported NEW cases of Covid–108 in the past two days!

     “…we have a difficult time understanding why some people are so adamantly opposed to doing a simple act that could save a life — something as easy as putting on a face mask in public to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
     This week, states across the country have broken new case records. The number of U.S. citizens hospitalized with COVID-19 have reached record levels and more than a million new cases were confirmed in November. The death toll in America is approaching 250,000 and rising to an average of more than 900 a day as new spikes are being reported nationwide… 
     In the midst of all this, we received a letter yesterday from Lexi Rindone, a 2011 Prescott High School graduate who is currently a PhD Student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She wrote:  As a young scientist, I can attest from firsthand experience that masks are effective in mitigating the spread of this virus. COVID-19 spreads primarily by air — as opposed to surface contact — and there is an emerging consensus in the scientific community that the virus lingers in the air for extended periods of time. This is why COVID-19 spreads easily indoors, especially when combined with crowding and poor ventilation. Masks stop respiratory droplets from being released into the air and significantly reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.
     “Accordingly, regions with universal mask policies have been more successful at mitigating COVID-19 than those without such mandates. We have seen this play out in Arizona: Maricopa County significantly reduced COVID-19 infections after it instituted a mask mandate in June.”
     ...It was previously thought the main benefit of wearing a mask was to help prevent infected people from spreading the virus to others. But the CDC’s new guidance suggests cloth masks also act as a “source control and personal protection for the mask wearer” by blocking incoming infectious droplets from others.
     The CDC reports that these numerous new studies show that in various instances, cloth masks can reduce the risk of transmitting or catching the virus by more than 70%.

     Lexi’s letter also carried this admonition to local civic leaders: “I admit, masks can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear. However, they will help prevent you, your family and other community members from contracting COVID-19. I encourage Prescott to adopt a mask mandate for all indoor public spaces to protect its citizens from this deadly disease.”
     We support Lexi’s admonition. We are not suggesting a shutdown, curfews or some other drastic measure. We are simply asking that local leaders consider the benefits of possibly reducing the spread by 70% through a mask mandate — a simple act that we can all do together to help save lives.”

To the mayors and city council members listed below, include the reminder that every illness, hospitalization and death is someone’s loved one. And your constituent!

Prescott – Mayor greg.mengarelli@prescott-az.gov
City Manager michael.lamar@prescott-az.gov 
Attorney jon.paladini@prescott-az.gov

Click here for the PDF with council members contact information

Prescott Valley – Mayor Palguta  mayor@pvaz.net
Town council members – council@pvaz.net

The latest from the API/NYT election site – updated at 6pm, 11/12 
The Vote Margin for Biden – 11,034 with an estimated 15,585 votes remaining!!!
Go Blue!

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