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Prescott Indivisible Newsletter

Message from Prescott Indivisible President, Rosemary Dixon Wow! What a turn of events! Imagine this; unless you were around in 1918, you have not experienced a massive spread of disease as we are now. How often has the entire world

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Primary ballot info – Write-ins

Your Primary Ballot has Arrived! Got questions? There are several offices that are listed on the Democratic ballot with no candidate listed. This is because there are no Democratic candidates running for


Absentee Counting Board

Looking for a way to help on Election Day? Oakland County Elections Division has established an Absent Voter Counting Board to help cities and townships tabulate their high numbers of absentee ballots. They are


YCDP -July 2020 Newsletter

Yavapai Democrats, Only 35 days until the primary election! In this issue you’ll find all the information you will need to vote in the August 4 primary. The Clean Elections Voter Education Guide


Don’t mess with Texas voters

Multiple websites, voting locations that may change between early voting and the general election. It isn’t easy to get the information needed to vote.

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