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The Week’s Best Cartoons: Trump’s Goons

By Matt Davies, Newsday Political⚡Charge There was a lot of news this week, but none bigger than Trump sending in unidentified federal agents to kidnap and harass citizens exercising their constitutional right to protest. The Portland Black Lives Matter protests have been

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COVID Death Count in States Opposing Mandates

COVID death count in states opposing mandates Politics is temporary, but death is permanent. This map shows states where politics trumps COVID safety measures. Who pays the price? Share this StoryMap freely with this link


Fair Districts Ohio Fights Gerrymandering

Fair Districts Ohio fights gerrymandering Public officials crush democracy by drawing legislative district maps to benefit their political party. Fair Districts Ohio organizes citizens to fight this gerrymandering.  Ohio voters passed Issue


Disinfo Kills

Disinfo kills Why do people believe fatal lies? How is disinformation cooked up? Who profits from it? What can be done? How are people still falling for disinfo with over 600,000 deaths COVID deaths

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