COVID Collateral Damage: Map of Politicians  Ready To Sacrifice Your Life To Get Re-Elected

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COVID collateral damage map of politicians ready to sacrifice your life to get re-elected

Collateral damage from politicians ready to sacrifice your life to get re-elected.

45 million confirmed COVID cases. Over 735,000 deaths as of 10/24/21. Yet Republican Governors and 24 Attorney Generals oppose vaccinations?

Check the facts and decide whose interests they represent? Yours or their own? Click on this map for the number of confirmed COVID cases and deaths where you live with data from the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Collateral damage is any death, injury, or other damage inflicted that is an incidental result of an activity. Originally coined by military operations, it is now also used in non-military contexts.” – Wikipedia 

Collateral damage from politicians ready to sacrifice your life to get re-elected.

This map can be freely shared with this link
The map is built with ArcGIS Dashboard using data from the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Republicans against COVID vaccinations

“24 Republican state attorneys general vowed to take legal action against the Biden administration if the administration does not change course on its vaccine mandate. They call the plan “disastrous and counterproductive.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the requirement an “assault on private businesses,” while Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts called it a “stunning violation of personal freedom and abuse of the federal government’s power.” South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted that her state will “stand up to defend freedom,” telling Biden, “see you in court.” And Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the group will sue the Biden administration “to protect Americans and their liberties.”

President Biden responded to reporters about the potential for legal action last week, telling those in opposition to “have at it.”  The new requirements has broad support with three in five Americans supporting mandating vaccines.” – U.S. News

Maps reveal the truth so people can make more informed decisions.

Maps reveal the truth

Politicians often hide the facts behind slogans and soundbites, but facts speak loudly too. What’s needed is a simple tool for people to quickly get the facts so they can make better, informed decisions. Maps are the ideal tool for this and an overlooked resource for advocacy groups and campaigns.
– Maps reveal the facts at a glance
– They’re easily understood regardless of the language spoken
– Maps are easy to create and share with others online
– Dynamic maps stay current automatically with new data

DemLabs creates the COVID Collateral Damage map with ArcGIS Online, an app from esri. The 50 year old software firm has over 9,000 employees and offers nonprofits very affordable pricing. Learn more about esri here. DemLabs provide pro bono help with ArcGIS Online maps related to social justice and voting rights. Learn more here.

Dynamic maps refresh automatically with the latest data.

John Hopkins Coronavirus Center

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (CRC) is a continuously updated source of COVID-19 data and expert guidance. We collect and analyze the best data available on cases, deaths, tests, hospitalizations, and vaccines to help the public, policymakers, and healthcare professionals worldwide respond to the pandemic. TIME recognized the CRC as the “go-to data source” for COVID-19 and named it to the Top 100 Inventions of 2020. In 2021, Research!America named the CRC a recipient of its “Meeting the Moment for Public Health” award.

It also reports on the cumulative total of doses given. This includes first and second doses for vaccines that require two shots. People fully vaccinated is the number of people who have received the required number of doses for each specific vaccine including Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

TakeAway: Minimize collateral damage. Use maps to help people make better informed decisions.



Collateral damage from polliticans ready to sacrifice their constituents to get re-elected
Collateral damage from DeSantis ready to sacrifice his constituents to get re-elected
Collateral damage from politicans ready to sacrifice their constituents to get re-elected
Collateral damage from politicians like Abbottready to sacrifice their constituents to get re-elected
Collateral damage from politicians like DeSantis ready to sacrifice their constituents to get re-elected
Collateral damage from politicians like Ted Cruz ready to sacrifice their constituents to get re-elected

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