Make Facebook Whistleblower Testimony Video available to all audiences

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Make Facebook Whistleblower Testimony Video available to all audiences

The Facebook whistleblower testimony is important for everybody to see, no matter what language they speak.

Frances Haugen explains in her testimony how Facebook conceals information and profits by spreading harmful messages to sell more ads. The video is easier to share and understand once it has been captioned, translated and made searchable. Short video clips on specific topics in the testimony make it accessible to people pressed for time.

Make Facebook Whistleblower Testimony Video available to all audiences

Make videos more useful

Videos are valuable but manually reviewing and editing them takes a lot of time. A better way is to caption a video and then use the captions to extract the video clip that you need. This is how it’s done:

We first uploaded a copy of Frances Haugen’s eight minute video testimony.
A transcription was generated automatically. The transcription was reviewed and corrected because machine generated transcriptions often have errors.
This generated a transcription of the file which you can read here.
The video captioned in English can be seen here.
Next we generated a Spanish version of the video that can be seen here.

Create short, relevant clips from a video

Most people do not have the time nor patience to watch a full video to find what they are looking for. Make it easy for them by creating short video clips that focus on a specific issue. Software makes this easy to do. Learn more about how we transcribed, translated and created these video clips in two hours here.

We searched for comments from Frances’ testimony with the keyword ‘tobacco’ where she explained how Facebook was even more dangerous than a tobacco firms. This tell us that she explained that at 5:36 minutes into her testimony. We then created a 37 second clip of that portion of her testimony which can be seen here.

“But Facebook hides behind walls that keeps researchers and regulators from understanding the true dynamics of their system. Facebook will tell you, privacy means they can’t give you data. This is not true. When tobacco companies claimed that filtered cigarettes were safer for consumers, scientists could independently invalidate these marketing messages and confirm that in fact, they posed a greater threat to human health. The public cannot do the same with Facebook. We are given no other option than to take their marketing on blind faith. Not only does the company hide most of its own data. My disclosure has proved that when Facebook is directly asked questions, as important as how do you impact the health and safety of our children? They mislead and they, they choose to mislead. And misdirect. Facebook has not earned our blind faith, this inability to see and to Facebook’s actual systems and confirm how they work is communicated it and to work as con and confirm that they work as communicated is like the department of transportation, regulating cars by only watching them drive down the highway today.”

Frances explains how Facebook is more dangerous than tobacco firms.
Watch the Facebook is worse that tobacco firms (37 second video clip)

“Facebook intentionally hides information from lawmakers”

A second clip was created where Frances explains how Facebook intentionally ‘hides‘ information from researchers and law makers. That took place at 3:09 minutes into her testimony.

“The company intentionally hidesvital information from the public, from the U.S. Government and from governments around the world. The documents that I have provided to Congress prove that Facebook has repeatedly misled the public about what its own research reveals about the safety of children, the efficacy of its artificial intelligence systems and its role in spreading divisive and extreme messages. I came forward because I believe that every human being deserves the dignity of the truth.”

Facebook intentionally hides information from lawmakers and the public.
Watch the Facebook intentionally hides vital information from lawmakers and the public (23 second video clip)

Warning message for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users?

“Graphic Warning Labels on Tobacco Packages Can Deter Some Smokers from Buying Cigarettes. People who reported less addiction to nicotine were much less likely to purchase cigarettes during their visit when the cigarette displays included graphic health warning labels, as compared to when cigarettes had typical “words only” warnings on the packaging.” – Rand

If Facebook is more dangerous than tobacco firms as Frances explains, perhaps there should be similar warning signs for users?

Frances Haugen’s Facebook testimony

“I joined Facebook because I think Facebook has the potential to bring out the best of us,” Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said at the top of her testimony in a Senate hearing on Tuesday. But she continued, “I’m here today because I believe Facebook’s products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.” 

The gist of that comment—that Facebook can and should be a better company—characterized much of the first half of the hearing. Over and over, Haugen said that Facebook can make its gargantuan network, which encompasses Instagram and WhatsApp, safer, but has chosen to put profits before people and their safety. So, she said, Facebook needs “help.” – VICE

TakeAway: Hold Facebook accountable for the harm it does. Make a bigger impact with videos once they have been captioned, translated and made viewable as short clips.


Facebook puts profits over public safety
Facebook hides  vital information
Facebook meddles with elections

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