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How Making Seat Belts Optional Can Save Democracy

It is heartening to see our North Dakota state legislators spend their taxpayer-funded time on such important boons to freedom as elimination of seat belt laws for those of us who have celebrated our 18th birthday. These authoritarian safety statutes have effectively

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Winning 2022 midterms messages

Winning 2022 midterms messages What was the winning midterm message? Freedom. Democrats described freedom differently: from women’s freedom to decide for themselves (AOC), freedom to learn (Josh Shapiro) to economic freedom (Wes


Blue Wave Advisory

Blue Wave Advisory “Women are already showing up in large numbers, and they’re going to show up in masse to vote driving a blue Democratic tsunami.” – Michael Moore Messaging experts advised framing


What is America Without Freedom?

By Lisa DiRado Why talk about American freedoms? Our American story reminds us freedom is an American value. Freedom means ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ in the Declaration of Independence.


Freedom and the Greater Good

Beyond a plague upon life, if Covid has been anything it’s been a most serious teacher. It’s taught us that life is fragile and can be fleeting. It’s taught us to cherish