Debunking Your Pro-Trump Crazy Uncle’s Talking Points

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Crazy Uncle Trump

Savannah Guthrie recently called out Trump’s retweet of the latest conspiracy theory on national TV: Biden plotted to take out the bin Laden Navy SEALs hit squad. (FYI: They are all alive and well.) Guthrie stated, “I don’t get that. You’re the president — you’re not like someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever.”  

So, if you have a crazy uncle, aunt, parent, neighbor or — God forbid — spousal unit who is spouting Trump’s tweets or talking points, here are Trump’s top campaign lies and the facts to debunk them as we move into the home stretch.  

1. “Biden will take away our guns!” False.

When it comes to gun control, the Biden campaign has a few main objectives. Biden wants to curtail access to assault weapons that have been used in recent mass murders. It makes sense. Why would any American need a gun that is a weapon of war, designed to kill multiple people? And most Americans agree. Democrats, Republicans and gun owners alike — all support Congressional-led initiatives to decrease gun violence

Biden’s gun control plan includes a buyback program for “assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” It’s important to note that this buyback does not take away any guns. Biden’s campaign website makes it quite clear: the Biden plan “will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government or register them under the National Firearms Act.” 

So, Uncle Louie, the 2nd Amendment is safe with Biden.  

2. “Biden’s a socialist. Harris is a communist!” Um. No.

Trump said at an August rally in Arizona, “Socialism is the mainstream of the Biden campaign and it’s not the mainstream of America. Remember I said, we will never have a socialist country.”

We already are living in a country with socialist programs. Without socialism there would be no Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, Medicaid, interstate highways, Veterans hospitals, public education, and affordable housing, just for starters. 

Of course, the Trump campaign argues that Biden’s platform is leading us to a complete socialist state with a communist vice president. Here’s the truth: Biden wants to expand programs that many Americans support, like health care, free college tuition for some students and clean energy.  Republicans argue that Biden wants to nationalize industries that would compromise free enterprise, a key principle of socialism. Daniel Shaviro, an expert on taxation at New York University said, “Strictly speaking, socialism (like communism) refers to complete public ownership of all means of production…nothing in Biden’s platform is remotely in that territory.”

Won’t Biden’s platform lead to higher taxes? Yes, for those who make $400,000 per year and above. In Trumpland, the wealthy have gotten huge tax breaks, but in Bidenland, they will now pay their fair share. 

As for Trump’s claims that Harris is a Communist? In a nutshell, Biden is a moderate Democrat and Harris is a little more progressive — but not much. 

So, Aunt Louise, I hope this helps. While we’re on the subject, you know that Medicare and Social Security you depend on? Trump plans on eliminating that if reelected. Just sayin’. 

3. Biden will open our borders to let in murderers and rapists.” No. Just no. 

Most contraband enters the country through legal ports of entry. And the people here without documents? More than half overstayed their visas. So those caravans of murderers and rapists were just Trumped up lies to reinforce building the wall. In fact, Trump has misdirected resources by focusing on a border wall, Biden argues.

Biden understands what the American public wants when it comes to immigration reform. Overall, 57% disapprove of Trump’s actions towards immigration. Gallup polling broke that down even further: 

  • 60% oppose significant new construction on border walls
  • 57% opposed it in June, as the issue heated up ahead of midterm elections
  • 81% support a path to citizenship for immigrants in the U.S. illegally

To be clear, Biden wants to ensure that we have effective border protection. So how does he plan to do that?  

Biden would “direct federal resources to smart border enforcement efforts,” such as cameras, sensors, large-scale X-ray machines, and fixed towers at and between ports of entry. “Like every nation, the U.S. has a right and a duty to secure our borders and protect our people against threats,” Biden’s plan says. “But we know that immigrants and immigrant communities are not a threat to our security, and the government should never use xenophobia or fear tactics to scare voters for political gain.”

“But what happens to the wall?” your neighbor asks. 

Biden is opposed to building physical barriers at the border in favor of more effective high-tech options. To date, he has not gone on record that he would tear down the unfinished wall, even though Trump has accused him of doing so. 

So, with just days to go before the election, use these facts to help debunk the Trump claptrap and make it through the next family dinner. 

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  1. Why does no one make the point that it was the Russian Communists who built the Berlin wall?
    Some people are saying this border wall makes lil donnie T. a communist.

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