Rogan’s List for May 15, 2023

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May 15, 2023

Get neo-Nazis off Capitol Hill, protect our libraries, stand with our Ukrainian allies, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

    “The Right to Read Act will provide more resources so that every child has access to an effective school library staffed by a certified school librarian. It will ensure that teachers and librarians are legally protected for doing their jobs. We need your member of Congress to co-sponsor this important school libraries bill!” We can read more about the bill here, and ask our members of Congress to support the bill using an easy form here. We can also learn more about the work activists are doing to stop defunding of libraries and book bans at the state level here and encourage our state legislators to follow Illinois’ example.

  • BE MORE ETHICAL CONSUMERSIn his latest book Poverty, By America, sociologist and poverty abolitionist Matthew Desmond discusses, among many, many other things, how we can direct our purchasing power to support unions, environmental justice, and sustainability. He mentions the platform DoneGood. DoneGood vets companies that manufacture products under conditions that support workers (living wages, safe working conditions, no excessive mandatory overtime, no trafficked or child labor) and are good for the planet (use renewable energy, smaller carbon footprint, non-toxic materials). Let’s read DoneGood’s FAQs, and the next time we want to buy something online, let’s look there first.

    How can we effectively counter false claims and misinformation about climate change? We can take this free course sponsored by AFP News Agency. In the course, we’ll “learn how to verify content and claims about climate change, we’ll talk about “greenwashing”, see what content is not verifiable, identify some types of misinformation and which sources to use.” It only takes 45 minutes! Let’s check it out here.


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