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Joe Biden: The Man Behind the Mask

So what should we focus on when it comes to Joe Biden’s candidacy? My answer is simple: the big picture – what Biden’s win would mean to the United States at this particular point in time. Without a Biden win,

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Republicans Denounce Trump

Today, former Secretary of State Colin Powell joined the ranks of notable Republicans speaking openly against President Donald J. Trump in perhaps one of the most scathing criticisms of his tumultuous presidency.


One Nation, Under Attack

Information warfare became a hot topic in the United States shortly after Trump took office, but as a concept, it is hard to understand. How can people in Moscow or Vietnam use


YES WE CAN • The Field Team 6 Weekly

Yes is the most positive word in the English language. “Yes we can,” translated from the original “Sí, se puede” coined by Dolores Huerta, inspired America to elect Obama and save itself

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