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Former candidates, activists, mothers, women-Heidi Henry and Murri Briel bring you the Heartland Mamas perspective on policy, priorities, and politics.

The Testing of our Democracy

1812, The Civil War, Nixon, all things that stretched our Democracy. Until now, we have not had a violent attempted Coup from the highest levels of the US Government, SCOTUS, Senate, House


Insurrection From Within

We warned you, we warned you and here it is trump’s insurrection, a violent coup to stay in power. And He was enabled at the highest levels!  http://www.HeartlandMamas.com #DemCast 


Banana Republic or USA? The GOP Coup.

Banana Republic USA ? Yep here we are at the cross roads of Coup and Democracy all thanks to the trumpublicans and the corrupt GOP!  Atlanta US Attorney suddenly steps down. Raffensberger


2020 BINGO!

Weird stuff happened this year from a bat virus killing MILLIONS of people, 9 pound gold fish in South Carolina, lizards the size of dogs in Florida – it’s always Florida isn’t


Oh Stimuli, My stimuli

Stimulus? $600 or $2000 – Mitch will NEVER pass out $2000 NEVER Money is for rich people – not the most of us.  http://www.HeartlandMamas.com #DemCast

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