OMG – COVID – Again??? Come on people!

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Politicizing  a virus proves Darwin’s theories! Is 49% of white “conservative” males refusing to be vaccinated mean they are committed to their own ethnic cleansing? 

Listen, the Mamas are just so D O N E with Maskholes, science deniers and trump supporters! There has to be something to prove that “Conservative” = Mass extinction. Look at the 3 BIGGEST COVID Countries: USA, Brazil and India. What do they all have in common? Ultra right wing leadership! trump, Bolsenero and Modi took great pains to exterminate the people that elected them.  

The USA Now has Biden, but is it to late? This is a race against time and sanity! Will the virus win? It sure is mutating as fast as it can. From super spreader events in downstate Illinois to the Amazon Basin to the Ganges River – Good God we are in T R O U B L E !!!! 

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