The Long Haul: Building Back Our Communities in Vermont

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We are suspending our “Fund the Movement” beneficiary effort this month to focus on raising money for the victims of the devastating flooding that hit our state on July 11. If you have already given, thank you. If you haven’t or can spare more, please consider giving generously. We have suggested three general funds below, but we realize that there may also be many fundraising efforts within your own community. Rebuilding and finding ways we can adapt is going to be a long haul. But as Vermonters we always pull together.

Lean Left Organizers,
Dana Goss, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Susan Ritz, Gretchen Elias, Brook Nadell, Lauren Gieger, Rebecca Davison

Photo Credit: Terry J Allen

The Vermont Community Foundation The VT Flood Response and Recovery Fund 2023 is committed to getting money out the door and into the hands of those who need it most. This includes immediate assistance during the crisis as well as helping communities to build back-homes, Main Streets, community organizations, individuals, and families.

Vermont Flood Response & Recovery Fund

Photo Credit: Amy Davenport

Center for Agricultural Economy The Vermont Farm Fund provides no-hassle, friendly-term loans to Vermont farmers and food producers. VFF seeks to minimize the hurdles to secure a loan and receive funds to begin the recovery process. The maximum Emergency Loan amount is currently $10,000. This is a zero percent interest loan, payable over 24 months with a flexible payment schedule.

Vermont Farm Fund

PHOTO CREDIT: Terry J. Allen

Vermont Main Street Recovery Fund ​The Vermont Main Street Flood Recovery Fund is raising money to provide grants to Vermont’s small business owners. The Fund will provide grants in the range of $2,500-$10,000 to cover costs such as equipment replacement, supplies and help with clean-up. This will help bridge the need until further support is available. Partnering with Capstone Community Action, our board will ensure your donations are tax-deductible and are being distributed responsibly.

Vermont Main Street Recovery Fund

Some of the Reasons Why We Live in Vermont

Thank you to Terry J Allen for graciously giving us access to her

amazing photographs that remind us why we live here.

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