Recapping Frank LaRose’s Missteps on State Issue 1: “100%” About Abortion

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Recapping Frank LaRose’s Missteps on State Issue 1: “100%” About Abortion

7 days until Ohioans decide on LaRose’s amendment
Columbus, OH – Ohioans will decide on Frank LaRose’s amendment one week from today and LaRose’s missteps are front and center – including when LaRose admitted that the amendment is “100%” about abortion. 

LaRose has closely tied himself to State Issue 1 – which would benefit special interests and silence the Ohioans he’s supposed to be working for – suffocating his Senate campaign in the process. With a week left until election day, LaRose is now running for cover and trying to pull his primary opponents closer to State Issue 1. 

“The writing is on the wall: LaRose’s missteps have hurt himself and State Issue 1 while suffocating his Senate campaign launch,” said ODP spokesperson Reeves Oyster. “If State Issue 1 fails, LaRose will be crowned Ohio’s biggest loser.”

Here’s what you need to know about Frank LaRose’s first misstep – admitting that State Issue 1 is “100%” about abortion:

After months of State Issue 1 proponents denying that the amendment was designed to make it harder for Ohioans to protect their reproductive rights, LaRose was caught red-handed saying the quiet part out loud that State Issue 1 is “100%” about abortion.

Since his mistake, LaRose has been criticized by his primary opponent Bernie Moreno and his words have been used against him.

LaRose has tried and failed to lie his way out of his comments – most recently on the debate stage while defending State Issue 1 – but his mistake has “roil[ed]” the Yes on 1’s arguments and his Senate campaign ever since. 


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