Supercharge your campaign messaging with ChatGPT and ChatBots

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Supercharge your campaign messaging with ChatGPT and ChatBots

Get the most bang for your buck: Test and improve your campaign messaging.

Words matter. Savvy marketers will test different versions of messages to see which works the best, before they push a message. Now ChatGPT and Chatbots let grassroots groups use the same approach with less time, money and effort.

Learn how Center For Common Ground (CFCG), a Virginia based nonprofit is doing it to increase voter turnout in the upcoming election, and collecting valuable information on potential voters. Why is this important? Republican voter suppression makes it harder to find out how to vote. Check to make sure you have a valid Voter ID. Make sure you haven’t been purged from the voter rolls. Find where to vote…

Create different versions of your message to test with ChatGPT

Center For Common Ground created different versions of their appeal with ChatGPT by entering:
Create short catchy messages for “Vote to stop the Republican warn on women” at
ChatGPT generated these ten different flavors of the message instantly.“Raise Your Voice, Vote to End the Republican War on Women!”
“Power to Protect: Vote Against the Republican War on Women.”
“Stand Strong, Vote to Defeat the Republican War on Women!”
“Empower Change: Vote to Stop the Republican War on Women.”
“Equality Matters: Cast Your Vote Against the Republican War on Women!”
“Your Vote, Her Rights: End the Republican War on Women.”
“Time for Action: Vote to End the Republican War on Women!”
“Vote for Progress: Say No to the Republican War on Women.”
“Make a Difference: Vote Against the Republican War on Women!”
“Champion Equality: Vote to Stop the Republican War on Women.”

Test and measure how well your message works

How do you know which version of the message will perform the best? The only way to try it out is to test them and see which one gets the most responses. That’s called A/B Testing in geek speak.

Center For Common Ground promoted the different versions of the message through flyers, social media, emails and partners. When people responded, a textbot would automatically provide them information on getting prepared to vote in Virginia. This information comes from publicly available websites but is sometimes hard to find. It’s even harder when you do not have a computer or internet access. Center For Common Ground used chatbots that can accept and respond to text messages so people without computers could still get the information they needed to vote.

This is the information that the ChatBot replies with after collecting details on the respondent. The Chatbot will later provide a link to polling locations when that information is made available. Several Republican officials have a notorious reputation for changing polling locations at the last minute to make it harder for disadvantaged communities to vote. This chatbot helps deal with last minute poll closures and changes. The chatbot provides a link to a real-time map that is updated as soon as polling location changes are accounced.
Verify your registration status
VA Absentee Ballot form
What form of Voter ID will you need
Link to map of early voting locations and times. (Coming when made public)
Learn more about Center For Common Ground

Center For Common Ground then analyzed the information collected by the chatbot. Which appeal got the most responses? Where did the responses come from? When was the text message received? This let CFCG pick the message that performed the best along with where and when to push that message. The cost to provide the voting related information and collect information on the respondent was under 10 cents/reponse. Learn more about how to use ChatGPt and Chatbots to improve progressive campaign messages here.

Center For Common Ground

Center for Common Ground educates and empower under-represented voters in voter suppression states to engage in elections and advocate for their right to vote. Together, we can build a democracy that prioritizes the voices of ALL people.The Center for Common Ground is a non-partisan voting rights organization led by people of color. Your donations support our year-round voter education and empowerment work. The Center for Common Ground has partnered with the VoteRiders, Mi Familia Vota, Black Voters Matter, Native American Voting Rights, Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, The Workers Circle, Unitarian Universalists, as well as fraternity and sorority organizations to provide outreach to under-represented voters in Alabama, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Arizona.Donate to Center For Common Ground

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Get involved!

Virginia’s General Election is November 7, 2023. All 40 Senate seats, all 100 House of Delegates seats and many local offices are up for election. The Virginia Election will set the stage for 2024 and it is crucial that we turn out as many voters as possible. Help us get out the vote! 

  • Phone Bank: You can start making calls on your own into various target districts or join parnter guided phone banks. National guided phone banks will start on August 22nd. Get started!
  • Postcard: We will be post carding Black, Hispanic, and Asian-American voters in Virginia. Addresses will be released on July 28. To sign visit the postcard page!
  • Texting: Texting will begin early September. More soon!

Frugal Innovation

Frugal innovation sees resource constraints not as a liability but as an opportunity — and one that favors agility over efficiency. Frugal organizations don’t seek to wow customers with technically sophisticated products, but instead strive to create good-quality solutions that deliver the greatest value at the lowest cost. – Harvard Business ReviewThe best ideas for political innovation come from grassroots groups. They are closest to voters and know what’s needed. But too often they do not have the technical skills or resources to implement what’s needed. Democratic donors often mis-allocate funds to projects with the best marketing rather than the best Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of persuading and getting out the vote.DemLabs works with progressive grassroots groups to understand their needs, find the best existing technology, apply the solution and share the results to so other groups can do it themselves. This ChatGPT / Chatbot project for Center For Common Ground for instance cost under $100 and took a day to get going. Most of the solutions DemLabs recommends are existing solutions so that they can be implemented quickly. The solutions are either free or very affordable. Check over 1,200 projects on the here, or email specific questions here.

TakeAway: Innovate frugally.



Image Credit: The Terminator by James Cameron. (The Terminator is based on possible future AI innovations so I thought it was relevant for this blog)

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