Rogan’s List for March 15, 2023

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Regulate the banks, say no to Social Security cuts, defend abortion rights, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

    Abortion is currently illegal in nearly half the states in the U.S., with some of those states going further to criminalize people who provide or undergo an abortion. Because of this, there is a stark need for legal representation for healthcare providers, patients, and supporters. Advocates are stepping up to fill this need, with the ACLU creating the Abortion Criminal Defense Initiative (ACDI) and joining with multiple other advocacy groups to form the Abortion Defense Network. For those of us with the means, let’s donate what we can. If we, or someone we know, needs legal representation relating to abortion care, we can fill out the intake form here or refer them to the hotline for those who have had or are seeking abortion care here. We can also share this information on social media or within our communities to ensure that anyone who needs it can access help.


The link to the House version of the Handgun Permit to Purchase Act in yesterday’s List was broken. It has been updated with a working link below.

    The Handgun Permit to Purchase Act (HouseSenate) would create a federal grant program “to incentivize state and local governments to enact laws requiring individuals to obtain a license from law enforcement before purchasing a handgun.” Let’s tell our Senators to co-sponsor S.117  and our Representative to co-sponsor H.R.569.



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