We can win this

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Blue Beginning

We can win this  

We’ve all heard the adage dozens of times: in politics, six months is an eternity. And as we approach Labor Day, the “official” start of the midterm campaign, we have the proof. Six months ago (even three months ago!), the experts had us getting slaughtered in the midterm elections, losing our majorities in the House and Senate. The history of midterms was against us. We were mired in legislative inertia, doomed by inflation, weighed down by an unpopular president who could not advance his agenda. The Rs were going to sweep the election and begin their final assault on our freedoms: the freedom to vote in fair, honest elections; the freedom to make our own health care choices; the freedom to bargain for a living wage; the freedom to attend schools and public places without fear of being killed by teenagers with military-grade weapons.  

So much has changed since then! Congress has passed legislation to promote gun safety, reduce inflation, lower prescription drug prices, extend the benefits of health insurance, protect veterans afflicted by burn-pit toxins, promote the domestic manufacture of crucial computer components, invest in infrastructure and carbon reduction, and more. The Biden administration has wiped out student loan debt for millions, reduced unemployment to a 50-year low, and hunted down an al-Qaeda leader who’d eluded justice for more than 20 years. 

Meanwhile the Republican party is overreaching and self-destructing: rushing to implement abortion laws that voters in Kansas and New York have roundly rejected; nominating a carful of Trump-approved celebrity clowns in key Senate races; aggressively pursuing a program of election subversion that has made “threats to democracy” voters’ most pressing concern. They’re now on record; their positions are clear. They have voted against veterans, against climate investment, against lower drug and health insurance costs, against taxing the largest corporations, against the safety of schoolchildren. 

The upshot of all this: we can win in November. We can increase majorities in the House and Senate and move our agenda even farther forward. Can we abolish the filibuster? Can we codify the right to abortion? Can we enact significant gun control and increase taxes on the 0.1 percent and extend health care to all and protect the integrity of future elections?

Like the man said: Yes we can.

Here’s another saying you’ve heard dozens of times: this is the most important election of your life. Unfortunately, that’s true of every election lately. But if we seize this opportunity to increase our majorities in Congress, we can break this hyperpartisan fever by giving American voters what they want. 

The momentum has shifted. We are coming on. But we have to tell our story and turn out our voters. Which means making calls and knocking doors. We have 11 weeks to do the job. Let’s get started. 

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