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Peaceful Assembly, Cash Bail (Again), and Anti-Voting Bills (Update)

As we careen toward sine die, the end of the 2022 Georgia legislative session, we see that legislators are rushing to get their pet bills in under the wire so some have something to run on for this election year. None of these bills do anything for hardworking Georgians. We ask for your quick response to these three bills. Make three calls and then share our social media calls to action, linked at the bottom of this post.

The call is the pretty much the same: My name is__________, I live in ______zip code, and I oppose bill____ please let the senator, or Chairman, or Lt. Governor know. Thank you.”

SB 1464 – Would have shifted the burden of costs/administration to county board of elections. Thankfully, the voices of election officials have been heard. Please follow @FairFight for breaking news/updates on this bill.

SB 171 – Call Chairman Burchett at 404-656-5105 to let him know you support the right to assembly and that you oppose this bill.

HB 504 Call Chairman J. Collins at 404-656-5105 and let him know that are opposed to cash bail and that this will punish poor people and waste valuable tax dollars. They are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Let them wait for trial at home.

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