Virginia House Elections Are Up in the Air

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Fair Representation of Virginia/Virginia House Elections Up in the Air

Millions of Virginians are currently being left without proper representation. As litigation started in the 4th Circuit on March 21, dozens of Virginia organizations have come out in favor of new elections based on the 2020 census and redistricting maps. According to the Virginia Constitution, the 2021 House elections should have been based on the new redistricting maps, but that didn’t happen because the maps weren’t complete yet.

The maps were late due to delays with the 2020 census, but Virginia went ahead with the State House elections anyway. So now there is a dilemma; hold new elections this year, or wait until 2023, while millions aren’t getting the representation they deserve. Precedent is on our side, see Cosner V. Dalton from 1981. Our Commonwealth is very diverse and our districts should be a representation of that diversity.

Heidi Dragneff 

Virginia Captain, DemCast

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Heidi is a Navy veteran of 7 years. She served honorably from 2002-2009. She now spends her time advocating for equal rights, climate justice, cultural diversity, racial equity and democracy.
She is a member of Common Defense, DemCast, Network NOVA, & Virginia Grassroots Coalition

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