Opportunity Tour Saugatuck!

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Opportunity Tour Saugatuck!

The Opportunity Tour is coming to Saugatuck on WEDNESDAY, March 16th at the always amazing Isabel’s Market. You will meet the Democrats running in the brand new BLUE leaning House District 38 – Joey Andrews and Annie Brown! And for you Laketown Township folks in the new (purple) House District 86, the amazing Larry Jackson will win with YOUR support! For the State Senate, we have double trouble (the good kind) with Kim Nagy for State Senate District 31 and Kim Jorgensen Gane for State Senate District 20. Finally, we have Joseph Alfonso of Holland running for the new Congressional District 4. The new district maps have opened up opportunity for Democrats!

We hope to see you there!

District 38 is Blue!

We are beyond excited about this new district that runs from Saugatuck to New Buffalo. This district leans slightly Democratic – we will win with a great candidate and lots of hard work. And luckily we have TWO great candidates that have declared – Joey Andrews (Saint Joseph) and Annie Brown (South Haven)!

On Wednesday, March 16th, the Opportunity Tour will visit Saugatuck, so you can meet the District 38 candidates and find out how you can help Democrats win!! Join us at Isabel’s Market + Eatery from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

So Many Candidates!

Have you checked out the new maps yet? Allegan County now has portions of SIX State House Districts – 38, 39, 42, 43 79 and 86! We now have THREE State Senate Districts and our new Congressional District is 4. So many exciting candidates to support! Check out all the new districts on the link below:

FINAL MAPS for State House, Senate and Congress


Chaos can be draining or exciting – you get to decide! We have been living in very chaotic times, no doubt about it. Your experience of the chaos is shaped by how you see it – what you focus on. Do you see opportunity? Or has the shattering of normal stressed you out?

I invite you to look for an interpretation that empowers you. Take actions that leave you feeling fulfilled and accomplished. Look for the silver lining — and don’t give up, if you don’t see one at first glance. Be the difference you want to see in the world. 

Life really is what you make it, so make time to support the brave candidates that stood up and said, “I will serve.” If they can run for office, are you really going to tell me you won’t knock some doors on their behalf? Buck up, buttercup!!

Mark your calendar for June 21st – we need all hands on deck at our June business meeting. We will focus on the skills you need to support our amazing candidates. We in Allegan have NEVER had this kind of opportunity. Jump in so we can capitalize on the opportunities before us!

Jill Dunham

Chair, Allegan County Democratic Party


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