Celebrating the Accomplishments of President Biden’s First Year

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In 2020, voters turned out in record numbers, elected President Joe Biden, and changed the trajectory of our country. From lifting children out of poverty and returning to in-person learning to growing the economy, we’ve come a long way. Let’s reflect on the progress that’s been made over Biden’s first year.

President Biden is delivering a large investment in safe, clean drinking water. The Infrastructure Act will expand access to clean drinking water for households, businesses, schools, and child care centers all across the country. Learn more about the Infrastructure Act and how it will bring all of us, from those living in the cities and suburbs to rural areas and Tribal lands, safe, clean drinking water.

Our health depends on the health of the person next to us, and the person next to them. President Biden initiated an unprecedented vaccination program and ramped up measures so that we can protect ourselves and each other from Covid and save lives.

Over 200 million Americans are fully vaccinated and a new vaccine for younger children is likely to be approved by the FDA very soon. And more adults and children are getting vaccinated and boosted every day. Find a vaccination center near you.

President Biden increased access to more affordable healthcare for millions of Americans, lowered the cost of healthcare premiums and copays, and banned surprise medical bills. Now more Americans are caring for themselves and their loved ones more comfortably and with less financial stress.

Read more about lowered health care costs here and increased healthcare coverage here.

Biden’s Infrastructure Act is tackling legacy pollution in American history by cleaning up Superfund and brownfield sites, reclaiming abandoned mines, and capping orphaned oil and gas wells. The Infrastructure Act is also advancing environmental justice by creating good-paying union jobs to clean up, restore, and revive hard-hit communities so they can come back even stronger and thrive for years to come.

The Biden-Harris administration is bridging the digital divide by delivering reliable high-speed internet to homes and communities of every race and in every place so that all of us can connect and move forward together.

The American Rescue Plan’s expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) lifted millions of kids out of poverty, helped families get back on their feet, and delivered the promise of a brighter future. Most families used the CTC to pay for the essentials, like food, housing, and child care, while others used the CTC to build their savings. The CTC also contributed to the growth of the economy as more people spent the money on things they needed. The CTC gave kids a stronger start on the path to achieving their dreams. Here you can see the ways that the CTC helped children and families.

President Biden’s first year was historic for workers, businesses, and communities. Thanks to Biden’s leadership, over 6 million jobs were created. Similarly, both the unemployment rate and unemployment claims had the single largest drop in one year. And these benchmarks are steadily moving in the right direction.

These record-breaking numbers indicate a rapid recovery, far exceeding expectations. We’re getting back on track and moving forward together! Read more about the strong economic recovery,  the Biden Boom, here

President Biden is driving us forward into the future with cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks. The Infrastructure Act will create:

  • innovative technologies
  • new, stricter standards for safety and emissions
  • the production of electric vehicles
  • a national network of electric car charging stations
  • job training opportunities
  • good-paying union jobs
  • stronger supply chains

Such unprecedented investments in electric cars and trucks will save us money, improve public health, advance environmental justice, cut pollution, combat climate change, and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment now and for generations to come. Read more about that here.

American automakers like Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, labor unions like the United Auto Workers, and environmental organizations support the president’s commitment to clean, electric cars and trucks. 

Read the Biden-Harris Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan here.

The Biden-Harris’s Infrastructure Act has transformed Infrastructure week into an infrastructure era. The US will finally make much-needed and long overdue repairs including reconstruction of our roads and bridges with a focus on climate change mitigation, resilience, equity, and safety for all.

Thanks to President Biden, the Infrastructure Act will make traveling for work, family, or fun safer, faster, and easier no matter where we live or where we’re going. 

As we head towards the midterms, let’s all take some time to spread the word about the progress made in President Biden’s first year in office. Use this toolkit to share the Biden-Harris administration’s many accomplishments. (Some of these links are PA specific, but you can find similar information online about your state.) Shouting out all the important work that Democrats have done this past year is a crucial part of mobilizing for the midterms and will keep us on the path toward greater equity, prosperity, and sustainability for all.

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