2022 Secretary of State Elections: The Most Important Races?

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I’m not sure there are elections more important in 2022 than those for secretaries of state, particularly after the vote in the Senate on Wednesday night. (We’re going to need to add at least two more Democratic senators before we can try to pass a voting rights bill again).

Yes, all elections are important but this is my warning that I’ll be doing everything I can to bring attention to races for any and all positions that oversee elections, and that includes those for secretary of state. 

Twenty-seven states are holding secretary of state elections this November, and no matter how blue or red your state may be, I implore you to get involved with those races right away. 

In most states, the secretary of state oversees elections, and I hope I don’t need to tell you that the MAGA party has already been working to get into those positions of power. If this is new information to you, please read NPR’s article, “Here’s where election-denying candidates are running to control voting“. 

Now I’ve noted in the list below with an asterisk where we know for sure election deniers are running for these positions, but I beg you to bookmark the Insurrection Index — the folks running this site have noted every politician as well as candidates running for office who denied election results or have cast doubt on the 2020 election. Just click on your state for those lists. 

These are the states that have an election for their secretary of state in 2022. (Click the state to see specific details on that election.):


Arizona *

Arkansas *

California *

Colorado *


Georgia *





Kansas *

Massachusetts *

Michigan *

Minnesota *


Nevada *

New Mexico *

North Dakota

Ohio *

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



Wisconsin *


As you can see, far too many of these states already have election deniers running for this critical office. And the number is likely to grow. So again, I implore you, adopt one of these states and raise the alarm about this race. Use your social media to bring attention to the problematic candidate and encourage people to donate to the Democratic candidates. 

One final note: There’s one-stop shopping if you want to donate to help all of these races. Donate to the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State (DASS) through their ActBlue link

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