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Contact State House Education Committee – Oppose HB888

The election year posturing begins. Here is a link to the house education committee page that details the latest iteration of this bill that could potentially punish schools for teaching about the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Schools would be penalized 20% of their budget should they run afoul of this law, if it passes. It cannot pass. See the call to action below. Please note: In 2020, the education budget was cut $950 million. Is this another attempt to trim the education budget? Our education system funding needs to be restored.

Our children deserve an honest and accurate education that enables them to learn from mistakes of our past to help create a better future. Teachers want to provide every child an accurate and quality education, while some politicians want to exclude certain kids, denying their schools funding and writing people who look like them out of our history books. We must join together to contact our lawmakers. Our schools must be places where every child belongs and can thrive. Our schools also need to be funded to ensure that all Georgia’s children reach their potential.

Contact the lawmakers on the education committee either by email or phone – tell them you oppose HB 888 and that education funding in Georgia needs to be restored. 656-7857
ChrisErwinVice 656-0188 656-3947 656-5126 656-0152 656-0220 463-7853 463-2247 656-0109 657-1803 656-0325
Henry “Wayne” 656-6372 656-7153 656-5072 463-2246 651-7737 656-0126 656-0314 656-5146 656-0109 656-5087 656-5143 656-0188 656-6372

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