Floridians Call Out Marco Rubio For Failing To Do His Job

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After Marco Rubio voted against the Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act and spent weeks failing to show up for his job in the Senate, Floridians have taken notice. See below for a recent editorial and letters to the editor calling Rubio out for his failures: 
South Florida Sun Sentinel: Voters should not reward Rubio for skipping votesBy Mary Ann D’Angio, Boynton Beach

  • A Sun Sentinel article outlined good reasons why Sen. Marco Rubio should not be rewarded with a third term to continue to represent the people of Florida. The article said he has purposely “missed as many as 14 Senate hearings over the past two months.”
  • Rubio’s concern seems to be loyalty to the former president rather than honoring his oath to defend the U. S. Constitution and work for the betterment of his Florida constituents.
  • Every Republican voted against the American Rescue Plan but later bragged to their constituents back home how helpful it was to them. The same pattern is emerging where the Republican minority is pushing lies about the 2020 election, staying silent as Republican colleagues call for violence against those who oppose their anti-democratic agenda and obstruct Biden’s plan for better child care, health care, wider broadband service, voting rights and more.

Palm Beach Post: Rubio becomes visible as 2022 nearsBy Jay Margolis, Delray Beach

  • Groundhog’s Day is nigh. Sen. Marco Rubio has seen the shadow of Election Day 2022 and is suddenly pretending to do his job. The latest is slowing President Biden’s appointments of ambassadors to China and Spain. 
  • This, from a man who has cowered before our former president’s efforts to create an authoritarian regime in the United States, knuckled under to the pressure of tweets and sacrificed the sanctity of the Constitution to avoid angering the Trump base, to preserve his re-election prospects. Marco Rubio has reduced himself to stooge status, continuing to demonstrate his failures to represent Florida’s dynamism in the U.S. Senate. We can’t afford to have a senator who hides from one election day to the next.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Editorial: It’s up to Republican leaders to restore faith in democratic electionsBy The Daytona Beach News-Journal Editorial Board

  • DeSantis’ proposals and rhetoric only further the disinformation campaign of 2020 loser and Republican former President Donald Trump. 
  • It’s frightening to contemplate what a loss of faith in American elections and democracy could mean.
  • American democracy has thrived not just because of voters who cast ballots or candidates who emerged victorious. It has stood tall because losing candidates, both Democrats such as Al Gore and John Kerry, and Republicans John McCain and Mitt Romney, were graceful enough to accept the final results.
  • How do we build back trust in elections? DeSantis and other Republican leaders such as Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott must speak truth about American elections and stop stoking Trump’s lies about 2020.

Palm Beach Post: Republicans in Congress must denounce violenceBy Scott Benarde, West Palm Beach

  • It is time for our state’s two Republican senators, my representative, Brian Mast, and all other Republican legislators who claim to be patriots and leaders to stand up and denounce the dangerous haters threatening death to the 13 Republican House members who did their job and represented their constituents by voting for the Biden infrastructure bill.
  • The GOP would prefer the whole country “lose,” so it can get an obstructionist victory that solves nothing and helps no one. It’s time to stop the madness. That starts with Scott, Rubio, Mast and the rest – who voted against the interests of all Floridians – taking a stand for justice, decency, civility and respect, if not for infrastructure.

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