Time To Deliver on Build Back Better

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Conservative Democrats tried to kill Build Back better. Progressives stopped them. Now it’s #TimeToDeliver
Conservative Democrats tried to pass just the bipartisan infrastructure framework (“BIF”), while trying to kill the reconciliation bill that has most of Biden’s Build Back Better priorities. But progressives in Congress held the line and refused to vote on “BIF” until reconciliation passes.

Now it’s #TimeToDeliver on all of the Build Back Better priorities. But conservative Democrats are still trying to pass their infrastructure bill (and abandon Build Back Better) before a funding deadline on Oct. 31. We want our Representative to hold the line and withhold a vote on the “BIF” until AFTER an inclusive reconciliation bill passes. The timeline is tight, so we need to fight now for a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants, for universal child care, paid family leave, climate action, expanded Medicare, and housing, and we want the ultra-rich to pay their fair share.

There’s a script below, and tonight you can join the #TimeToDeliver Livestream, Oct. 12th at 5pm PDT, with Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Indivisible’s Leah Greenberg, United We Dream’s Greisa Martínez Rosas, Working Families Party’s Maurice Mitchell, and more. RSVP here: https://act.indivisible.org/signup/timetodeliverlivestream_sign_ups/

Good news! Gov. Newsom vetoed a bill that would have expanded incarceration in Yolo County
Thank you to everyone who called opposing AB 1542, a state bill that would have established a pilot program here in Yolo County expanding incarceration for people with substance use disorders. We’re happy to report that Gov. Newsom vetoed this bill, saying that “coerced treatment for substance use disorder is not the answer.”

The Freedom to Vote Act needs to pass soon
We knew going into this session that if we hadn’t passed voting rights bills yet, it would become even more difficult as Democrats ran up against budget deadlines. The Republican fight to overthrow our democracy is still ongoing; gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts are still ramping up. We need Sen. Feinstein to end the filibuster to pass The Freedom to Vote Act- a transformative bill to protect our right to vote, ensure fair representation, and get big money out of politics. She should be a leader, but she’s not taking any action! We’re running out of time to address this and we need her to step up. Call script below.

Match grant until the end of October for donations to Indivisible Yolo
Great news! For every dollar in donations Indivisible Yolo receives by October 31, the national Indivisible organization will double it, up to $500! Make a donation today to Indivisible Yolo and you’ll have twice the impact on our pro-democracy activism. Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/indivisibleyolo810624033

Text: Call your Representative! Let them know you expect them to support an inclusive recovery package, and to pass it before voting on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Background is blue with a spraypainted megaphone pattern in black.

#TimeToDeliver! Tell your Representative to vote NO on the “BIF” until AFTER we’ve passed an inclusive reconciliation package. We need all the priorities of Build Back Better- before the end of October.

Rep. Garamendi OR Rep. Matsui: Time To Deliver!

(Note: only contact your own Representative. You can find out whether it’s Garamendi or Matsui here)

Sample Call Script:
Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR CITY, ZIP].

I’m calling to ask [Rep. Garamendi/Rep. Matsui] to support Biden’s agenda in reconciliation by voting NO on the bipartisan infrastructure bill until and unless a bold and inclusive reconciliation bill is passed first. We need all the pillars of the Build Back Better agenda included. Don’t give away our leverage; I want the Representative to hold the line!

(If you have time, you can list some of the priorities we are fighting for:)

Please fight to lower the Medicare eligibility age, cap out-of-pocket costs, and quickly phase in dental benefits (without co-pays). We need a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants; investments in climate, including a Clean Energy Standard (with no fossil fuels!) and a Civilian Climate Corps; investments in the Care Economy, including universal child care, federally guaranteed paid leave for all, and creating good jobs in the home and community based-care sector; investments in housing, especially deeply affordable housing and housing for unhoused populations; and we can pay for all of this while addressing extreme wealth inequality by taxing the ultra-rich and big corporations so they finally pay their fair share.

Tell Sen. Feinstein: End the filibuster and pass the Freedom to Vote Act

Sample Call Script for Sen. Feinstein
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a California voter from [CITY, zip code] and I’m a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I am calling today to ask Sen. Feinstein to speak up now about the need to end the filibuster, and to take action to pass the Freedom to Vote act. It’s time to protect voting rights and make voting more accessible, get big money out of politics, and ensure fair representation. We are running out of time and the Senator is silent on what she will do to pass the Freedom to Vote Act or whether she’s working to end the filibuster. This is important to me, but I can’t see any indication it’s important to the Senator. I want to see a sense of urgency! Thank you.

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