GOP Billionaires Are Coming for Your School Board Next

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Folks are perplexed as to why Republican governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis would be as insane as they are in refusing to allow public schools to protect children. Why is the GOP waging a disinformation effort on behalf of the virus? After all, this is terrible optics to the non-Q set.

Most GOP politicians are backed by tons of money from a billionaire-funded web of far-right groups and think tanks, built over the last 40 years to return the United States to its pre-FDR roots. The Kochs and Big Oil are in league with wealthy Christo-fascists who belong to the Council for National Party (CNP), a networking group for conservative activists in the United States working together to advance their agenda.

Current and former CNP members include Richard DeVos, Mike Pence, Scott Walker, Tom DeLay, Charlie Kirk, Wayne LaPierre, Leonard Leo, Kellyanne Conway, Grover Norquist, Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, and Jay Sekulow. Massive overlap exists between CNP and all of the GOP.

DeSantis is on the DeVos dole.

The DeVos family and CNP want to destroy public education, seeing it as “the greatest threat to religious liberty in America today,” which Bill Barr expressed in a speech he delivered this past May.

Barr’s concluding remark is especially telling: “In this environment, vouchers may be the only workable solution. They would also promote all kinds of diversity in our schools—diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and ways of thinking….a universal voucher system would solve some of our most intractable and contentious social problems.” As we saw Betsy DeVos first do in Michigan and then try to bring nationwide as Education Secretary, the CNP’s strategy is to undermine funding for public schools by promoting vouchers to send kids to the school of their “choice.”

To the deranged minds of the CNP/Koch GOP, Covid-19, a deadly pandemic, represents a golden opportunity to achieve their aim of infiltrating school boards to take over the country. The anti-mask campaign is one of two prongs. The other is the absurd critical race theory (CRT) campaign.

NPR, June 24, 2021. Click on the above quote to read more from this interview.

Parents Defending Education and Moms For Liberty are both front groups that create the illusion of widespread anger over masks. Coverage spreads across disinformation networks, but corporate media never explains these are bad-faith billionaire front groups creating national hostility over masks.

Strangely, the desires of fanatical, religious billionaires are communicated through what appear to be the desires of grassroots moms. Corporate media reports on the moms and rarely provides the essential context that the moms are FAKE. Sounds like crisis actors to us!

NBC News, June 17, 2021. Click the image to view the segment and read the piece.

GOP railing against crisis actors covers their own use of them. It appears that Ashley Hall, the Brevard chapter chair of Moms for Liberty (M4L), is an in cahoots chaos actor, pushing the anti-public education agenda of the Koch/CNP/GOP in coordination with DeSantis.

All of this then turns into super deadly stuff. Parents show up with signs aping the “my child, my choice” rhetoric of the M4L front group. They are unwitting pawns in the coordinated Koch/DeVos/GOP plan to destroy public schools.

The Koch/CNP network is purposefully convoluted so it is harder to connect all the dots. Just check out the labyrinthine passage from an Exposed by CMD piece. Hard to follow, but note that Mercedes Schlapp is on a call with CNP’s Bill Walton.

Click the image to read the entire piece.

Not wanting to overwhelm, I left out the third prong of the public education strategy: trans rights. Andy Biggs, Big Liar and party to the Jan. 6 coup attempt, retweeted Mercedes Schlapp’s applauding this teacher, who quit over her school board’s policy on trans rights.

Continuing the digression, watch the video and pay attention to what message the teacher, who cites her religious beliefs, chose to close her public resignation: “I encourage all parents and staff in this county to flood the private schools.”

Back to masks in Florida. This is the whole ballgame.

Washington Post, Aug. 6, 2021. Click the image to read the article.

To recap: Ron DeSantis is willing to kill children to further the depraved goals of his billionaire donors. Because media never goes the extra step to contextualize why DeSantis is killing kids and for whom he is doing it, citizens have no idea of the truth. This is a massive scandal.

In our opinion, as long as corporate media hides the reality that the GOP is wholly given over to the whims of fanatical billionaires who control a mass disinformation network that literally promotes coups and death to achieve its aims, our country is doomed. It’s sensational, but it gets get clicks!

One Jane Mayer piece in the New Yorker every couple of months can’t save us. The news makes reality. When they treat it all as a game and avoid crucial context at all costs, as Patricia Mazzei did for the New York Times, they become agents of disinformation, doing the bidding of Koch/CNP.

Americans wonder what reason DeSantis could possibly have for killing kids, and the news media — the folks whose job it is to figure stuff out and tell the rest of us — fail. Where’s the “her emails” level coverage of this scandal? Is the media captured by the GOP? One op-ed isn’t enough.

USA Today, Jan. 21, 2021. Click the image to read the entire piece.

Mainstream media: you all know about the CNP as outlined by Anne Nelson. Why keep America in the dark?

We demand truth, context, and transparency in every piece of reporting. Coverage of CRT, anti-mask parents, DeSantis, or trans kids’ rights in schools without including an explanation of crucial context makes these issues part of an all-out war on public education waged by billionaires. It isn’t journalism, it’s de facto propaganda.


This post was originally a thread on Twitter. Reposted with permission and minor edits.

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