Film screening Sat 2/25 + “Q&A” with Andrea Chalupa, Journalist and Screenwriter

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Andrea Chalupa is a journalist, author and co-host of the podcast Gaslit Nation. She is an expert in media issues, propaganda, and authoritarianism. Her film “Mr. Jones” is based on historic events of media coverage about Stalin’s genocidal policies.  Media at the time (including, shamefully that of The New York Times) – influenced contemporary understanding of politics and Stalin’s genocidal famine “The Holodomor” in Ukraine 1932-1933.


We are elated to announce a special event. We will be joined by journalist and co-host of Gaslit Nation podcastAndrea Chalupa to discuss her 2019 film Mr. Jones, as well as to discuss and how media can better inform Americans of the looming threats of authoritarianism. Topics will include how media can better immunize Americans to disinformation, 
as well as what we can learn from the propaganda of Joseph Stalin, how the media covered him, and how modern authoritarians are covered. 

The event will be held Saturday February 25th 7:30pm *ET* via Zoom.  We will screen Andrea’s film “Mr. Jones” followed by a “Q&A” session. Sign up HERE. Admission is FREE but in recognition of the one year anniversary of Russia’s 2022 re-invasion of Ukraine we will ask folks for a volunteer donation to the Kyiv Independent to support media and democracy in Ukraine. 

Media in the news…
Still no discernible progress on advancing Gigi Sohn to our FCC. Just more disinformation smearing her. PLEASE keep calling your U.S. Senators to advance her nomination!

More Right Wing media infrastructure being built. Hold off on celebrating the news that DirectTV dropped Newsmax, as DirectTV has agreed to broadcast yet another Right Wing media factory – The First (featuring Bill O’Reilly etc…) 

EVEN more Right Wing media infrastructure. Republicans are strategically building and expanding a “Fox News-like” syndicated radio network Americano Media targeting Spanish speakers with Republican operative Michael Caputo as its political director. h/t Thom Hartmann for sounding the alarm

The Washington Post continues its increasingly conservative / pro-business priorities as it added to its cohort of OpEd columnists two from the conservative National Review and one from the American Enterprise Institute.

Great news… media columnist Margaret Sullivan is back, writing insightful columns – now with the Guardian

Media Accountability Corner… 
Corporate media persistently fails to cover White Supremacy. Following up on a widespread failure to discuss the voter suppression of Black Americans and sanitized “feel-good coverage” of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. The New York Times whitewashed the dangerous racism and authoritarianism of Governor DeSantis in Florida. Please see our @FixMediaNow team’s “rewrite” of the Feb 1 New York Times piece below. Gift link HERE

Headlines shape the way we think and process information (and the piece itself was just as bad as the headline). It is a failure for The New York Times to discuss assaults on American history, American education, and Black Americans specifically as “building his brand” and “takes on the Education Establishment”. Gift link HERE

Your list of actions to help #FixMediaNow:
Action #1 Join us Monday 2/67:00pmET (always Zoom) as we engage in actions and our NEW Project that centersLocal Journalism!

Action #2 Demand better and more accurate coverage of White Supremacy and Ron DeSantis’ assault on American history, education and Black Americans by sending an email, letter-to-the-editor to the NYTimes (please share your submission with us). 

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