Dear Representative Bourdeaux

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We, the undersigned, write to demand that you immediately vote to pass the framework resolution for the budget reconciliation bill. Gwinnett families urgently need the investments and real solutions in this resolution to support them and their communities in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The resolution would reduce child poverty, expand affordable housing, implement crucial new policies for family care, add millions of new green jobs, and more. Passing the immigration provisions in this resolution alone would grow the economy of GA-07 by $681 million dollars, in addition to building new opportunities for many within the district. As organizations who helped pave your path to victory in the last election cycle, we strongly urge you to vote yes in the interest of your constituents, particularly the Black and brown voters who secured your seat in congress. 

Here’s what’s on the line for our communities in this resolution: 

● Providing 12 weeks of paid family leave nationwide for parents and caregivers when they need it most 

● Cutting child poverty in half by extending the Child Tax Credit 

● Funding affordable, quality child care and elder care 

● A pathway to citizenship for for undocumented youth, TPS holders, farmworkers, and essential workers—in GA-07 alone, over 50,000 people. 

● Funding education from pre-K to free community college 

● Expanding Medicare and reducing out-of-pocket health care costs 

● Creating millions of green jobs nationwide by building and repairing housing, education, water, power, and transportation infrastructure essential to our communities 

At a time when democracy is under threat in states across the country, no member of congress should stymie progress on legislation and further delay the passage of voting rights legislation. Protecting and expanding voting rights is crucial to our democracy. GA-07 has been home to both incredible demographic change and devastating voter suppression as those in power have sought to silence the voices of the New American Electorate. To delay a vote on bills that would protect your constituents’ freedom to vote is unconscionable in this five-alarm fire for our democracy. 

Organizers in Georgia and particularly in GA-07 cannot out-organize partisan gerrymandering during redistricting this fall. Neither can you expect favorable treatment in the redistricting process following the population growth in your region. By holding up the business of Congress and further delaying a vote on crucial voting rights bills, you are putting at risk the very district you represent. 

Black and brown voters were the margin of victory in securing your seat in Congress, a truth solidified by Census data showing that over 60% of GA-07 is now made up of voters of color. We delivered once again — in addition to the turnout across the state to flip the Senate and help secure incredible gains for the future of this country. Now, after we showed up for you, supporting this budget resolution that would vastly improve the lives of voters in our communities, is the bare minimum that you can do to show up for us.

Politics must be put aside to secure investment in essential needs and infrastructure, and lead in the fight of not allowing any delay to serving Gwinnett County families and voters. With progressives committed to the reconciliation budget and moderates committed to the bipartisan infrastructure bill, President Biden and House leadership are correct: the two-track, simultaneous approach has the greatest chance of success. Let’s get the final infrastructure and budget to President Biden’s desk now with federal voting rights legislation to follow. 

Our communities are in desperate need of these resources—2020 Census data shows that GA-07 grew the most of any district in the state. We, the undersigned, call on you, Representative Bourdeaux, to support your constituents by voting in favor of the budget resolution. Supporting it should be a simple decision that will benefit the county, and district, as a whole. There is no time to delay. 


Asian American Advocacy Fund 

Faith in Public Life 

GALEO Impact Fund 

Georgia AFL-CIO 

Georgia Coalition for The People’s Agenda 

Georgia Conservation Voters 

Georgia Familias Unidas 

Georgia Working Families party 

Indivisible Georgia Coalition 

Indivisible GA7 

Necessary Trouble Indivisible 

New Georgia Project Action Fund 

Poder Latinx 

Progress Georgia 

We Vote. We Win.

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